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Areas of Experience

  • Mediation
  • Family Arbitration
  • Neutral Evaluation (Private FDR Appointments)

36 Family: An Introduction

36 Family ADR offer a comprehensive and bespoke out of court Dispute Resolutionservice which utilises the expert skills of our family barristers as mediators,arbitrators and through neutral evaluation (private FDR appointments). We canprovide dispute resolution at our London address, at any convenient venuethroughout the country or even abroad.

In most cases, the parties are able to resolve their dispute using our arbitration, mediation or neutral evaluation services for a fraction of the cost incurred in going to court, and much more quickly. If you are already involved in mediation and agree with the mediator that you require further specialist input in order to resolve the dispute, you may wish to consider engaging one of our barristers as a co–mediator or as an arbitrator of a specific issue. If you are interested in any of our dispute resolution services, please contact us for further details and a brochure.


Several of our barristers are qualified as family mediators and some offer mediation under the civil mediation model or a hybrid mediation service. They enthusiastically apply and adapt their long experience of family disputes to assist parties to resolve their disputes quickly, cheaply and with minimal acrimony.

Our dispute resolution service deals with the full range of disputes including: child residence and contact disputes; disputes over children’s education; financial disputes on divorce, after cohabitation or over child support; property disputes between family members and disputes over inheritance provision. We can also mediate over issues which are less contentious, such as the drafting of pre–nuptial agreements or living together agreements.

Our family mediators are regulated by ADR Group and many are also affiliate members of Resolution. Please also see our mediation site:

Family Arbitration

Amongst our barristers we have three family law arbitrators as well as a number of part–time judges. Our arbitrators were amongst the first to conduct family arbitrations in England. Family arbitration is conducted in accordance with the rules of the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators.

You will find further information about family arbitration at and

Neutral Evaluation – Private FDR Appointments

If you have not yet commenced court proceedings, or you are involved in proceedings and wish to deal with matter sooner than the court may be able to, you may wish to appoint one of our barristers to conduct a neutral evaluation of the merits of your case. This can be conducted on paper or following an appointment with the barrister which both parties attend. You can be assured that the barrister you appoint will have sufficient time to properly consider your case and that he or she is an expert in the area of law concerned.