Murder & Violent Crime

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Meet the Crime team

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Our Team is recognised nationally for its exceptional quality and depth of ability at all levels. Our Silks and leading juniors are frequently the first choice of those seeking to instruct on cases requiring the highest level of criminal law expertise and advocacy. Our acclaimed team of junior barristers provide legal and tactical advice and top-class advocacy. Together, our barristers and our clerking team bring an unparalleled level of professionalism to their respective roles, providing exceptional client care from the start of a case through to its conclusion.

Members both defend and prosecute in the entire range of Murder, Manslaughter and Attempted Murder cases, including those involving:

  • Gangland executions
  • Contract killings
  • Baby shaking
  • Infanticide
  • Familial homicides
  • Sexually motivated offending
  • Honour killings
  • Terrorist related offending
  • Diminished responsibility
  • Provocation
  • Suicide pacts
  • Complex scientific evidence
  • Multi-handed cutthroats
  • Gross negligence manslaughter
  • Corporate manslaughter, including health & safety & workplace breaches
  • Manslaughter arising in a medical/clinical setting

We are particularly well-respected for cases involving complex evidence such as forensic telephone evidence, expert cell site and DNA patterns, expert examination, detailed cross-examination and strategic planning.

Our tradition of outstanding courtroom advocacy and skilful preparation means that our members are a popular and trusted choice for these often high-profile and sensitive cases.

Our team is particularly well regarded for its ability to provide excellent and experienced practitioners when a case, whether for the prosecution or defence, requires the services of two counsel. Whether KC and Junior or Leading Junior and Junior, we are able to provide counsel whose combined skills and experience make up the strongest possible team to work with those instructing to get the results expected.

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