John Lloyd–Jones KC is a trial strategist, dedicated to the forensic analysis of evidence and passionate about the in-court examination of witnesses.

He is one of the most highly experienced, in–demand specialist Criminal Barristers defending and prosecuting on the Midland and South Eastern Circuits in high profile and multi-handed cases, including fraud, murder, cybercrime, fatal accidents and conspiracy.

Key cases & testimonials

R v MC & others (2024 Reading) Murder & Attempted Murder. Prosecuting multiple Defendants (including 17 year old alleged main offender) for alleged machete murder and attempted murder of two 17 year olds involved in rival country lines class A drugs operation.

OP Holyhead (2023 Nottingham) – Murder. Successfully prosecuting four Defendants for stabbing to death a man on day release from prison. The murder, which took place on a busy city centre street at night, was planned and targeted.

R v Clark (2023 Leicester) – Manslaughter. Defending 20 year old Defendant of good character accused of killing an older man who, in drink and for no reason, had approached him on a city centre street late at night. Death resulted, effectively, from freak injury sustained when Deceased went to the floor.

R v MS & others (2023 Derby) – Murder and s.18. Securing acquittal of young Kurdish asylum seeker alleged to have been involved, with four co-accused, in town centre fight with six other armed males. One man was killed and another seriously injured. The incident had arisen from a long-standing feud between the operators of two rival barber shops.

R v Phillips (2023 Northampton) – Murder/Manslaughter: Defending 19-year-old man charged with killing another young man in an impromptu fight in the street in broad daylight.

R v Karbauskas (2022 Lincoln) – Murder. Prosecuting Lithuanian Defendant for stabbing to death a member of his family with a large knife. Issue at trial was identity of the killer; main Prosecution evidence came from five ‘lay-listeners’ (relatives and associates of both the Defendant and the Deceased) who recognised their voices from a Nest audio recording that captured the events of the killing.

R v Sergiu Boianjiu (2022 Northampton) – Rape & Attempted Murder. Defending Moldovan man (previous conviction for Murder in Moldova) charged with ambushing young woman as she walked home from club in early hours of morning; brutally assaulting her; dragging her down an alleyway, raping her and then trying (unsuccessfully) to beat and stamp her to death.

R v Platakis (2022 Nottingham) – Murder/Manslaughter. Prosecuting Lithuanian man for beating to death his wife.

R v Chmielecki (2022 Northampton) – Murder. Prosecuting Polish Defendant for abducting and then stabbing to death his estranged wife.

OP Mountain (2022 Derby) – Murder. Prosecuting four Defendants, all armed (machete, knife, baseball bat and ASP baton), for ambushing group of males with whom they were in dispute. One man stabbed to death. All Defendants convicted after 7-week trial.

R v Ben-Zur (2021 Bristol) – Money Laundering. Prosecuting (for CPS International Justice & Organised Crime Division, Birmingham Office) extradited Defendant for historic (2010-2014) laundering of proceeds – as banker and book-keeper – of cannabis importation operations. Coded ledgers revealed transactions involving 8,500 kilos of cannabis worth £9.3m.

OP Rorschach (2021 Nottingham) – Conspiracy to commit firearms offences. Prosecuting (for East Midlands CPS Complex Casework Unit) two multi-handed conspiracies (over three trials) relating to targeted, revenge shootings at addresses in rural Derbyshire and central Nottingham.

OP Haxey (2020 Nottingham) Murder. Prosecuting seven Defendants for their involvement in revenge machete murder of vulnerable drug addict during attempt to regain control of his flat that had been seized by rival Class A drug dealing gang.

OP Spruce (2020 Blackfriars & Inner London) – Money Laundering. Prosecuting (for West Midlands CPS Complex Casework Unit) multi-handed conspiracy to export stolen cloned Range Rovers and Mercedes to Southern Africa and Far East.

R v Amari Smith (2019 Northampton) Murder/Manslaughter. Prosecuting young Defendant for stabbing to death young victim (both armed with knives) during argument/encounter on the street. [2021] 1 Cr.App.R.(S.) 37

R v Girn & Nath (2019 Derby) – Murder. Prosecuting two Defendants for beating to death vulnerable victim in his own flat.

R v Doherty (2019 Northampton) – Murder/Manslaughter. Prosecuting Defendant for killing drug addict victim over non-payment of debt.

R v Dodd & others (2018 Northampton) Murder/Manslaughter. Prosecuting seven young Defendants for their involvement in the fatal revenge stabbing of another youth during a street fight.

R v Gamble (2018 Leicester/Central Criminal Court) – Cybercrime. Instructed by CPS International Justice & Organised Crime Division, London. Prosecuting Defendant (15/16 years old at the time) for hacking (‘social engineering’) into computers and communication accounts of Director of CIA, Deputy Director of FBI, Secretary of Homeland Security and other high-ranking US government and intelligence officials. Defendant was founding member of online collective “Crackas with Attitude”. He also gained unauthorised access to US Department of Justice and law enforcement networks.

R v Alan Yeomans (2018 Derby) – Confiscation/Money Laundering. Defending. Instructed in confiscation proceedings by Sonn MacMillan Walker, London after the previous Solicitors went into administration and previous Counsel sacked. The case attracted notoriety as Defendant had disguised a substantial luxury mansion as a farm shed. Insolvency Service claimed a benefit and available amount figure of £8m. After complex proceedings, £650,000 was eventually agreed as available with no ‘hidden assets’ being pursued.

John is a very clear thinker who plans his cases in detail from the outset. He identifies the principal issues and plans to deal with potential difficulties to avoid them becoming problems. His witness care skills are excellent: a balance of calm authority with human empathy. Legal 500 2023 - Ranked Tier 2 (Midlands)
John Lloyd-Jones KC is a trusted silk who frequently handles heavyweight criminal cases. He offers expertise in matters concerning fraud, cybercrime and homicide. Very good at presenting the prosecution's case and can see the wood for the trees. He is a charming jury advocate and a hard worker. Chambers UK 2022
A strong advocate with a really big courtroom presence. He is a real fighter of a KC. Chambers UK 2021
An absolute class act. Chambers UK 2020
He is extremely meticulous and has a great approach to advocacy. Chambers UK 2019

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