Serious Sexual Offending

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36 Crime members have especial expertise in this highly specialised area of law and extensive experience involving allegations of sexual misconduct. Our members are frequently selected for their tactical expertise, accomplished advocacy and sensitive, discreet approach.

Members of the team all have up-to-date knowledge of issues in expert evidence, the use of Intermediaries, the preparation of young and vulnerable witnesses for trial, and the preparation of summaries and edited versions of taped evidence so as to lighten the burden of trial whilst still dealing comprehensively with the essential issues in the trial. All members have completed the required vulnerable witness training course.

Given the sensitivity of this type of work, we are routinely instructed to advise pre-charge in complex and wide-ranging investigations and provide assistance throughout the investigative and litigation process.

Members of this team have extensive experience in dealing with the full spectrum of offending including

  • Serial rapists
  • Historical rape and sexual abuse
  • Sexual (and related non-sexual) abuse of children
  • Gang rape
  • Cases involving multiple complainants and breach of trust, particularly involving people in positions of trust such as
  • teachers, social workers, priests, carers and foster carers
  • Sex trafficking cases
  • Grooming and sexual exploitation
  • Child pornography
  • Extreme pornography
  • Child prostitution
  • Offending arising from human trafficking and/or modern slavery
  • Sexual violence where the act also involves extreme violence or torture
  • All computerised offending, including offences by persons operating on the ‘Dark Web’ (described by a former head of GCHQ as a haven for “the worst aspects of human nature”).

Chambers have many CPS RASSO accredited advocates who are regularly instructed to provide cogent and expeditious advice at the very earliest stage and then successfully see the case through to completion. Click here to see a list of our RASSO accredited members.

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