Standard Terms

All work undertaken by barristers from 36 Group and which is paid by or through an Authorised Person (as such term is defined by Section 18(1)(a) of the Legal Services Act 2007) shall be subject to and in accordance with the Standard Contractual Terms for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012 (as set out at Annex T of the Bar Code of Conduct) (hereinafter the “Terms”) SAVE AND SUBJECT TO THE EXTENT the same may be amended or extended in writing by or on behalf of the barrister and notified to the Authorised Person. A copy of the Bar Council standards terms can be found here or on request from Rowan Caffull.

Our Regulator

Members of Chambers are individual self-employed barristers each of whom is regulated by the Bar Standards Board.  The BSB website includes the Code of Conduct which regulates the professional behaviour and standards of all barristers. Individual members of Chambers are all members of the Bar Council of England and Wales, an organisation which provides representation, support and services for barristers.  All our members can be found on the BSB Barristers’ Register.

Transparency Statement

The Clerks are able to provide fee estimates and will quote on a fixed fee or hourly rate basis dependant on the requirements of those instructing.

The Clerks will also keep you updated on timescales and changes which may have an effect on your case. Timescales for a case may vary depending on factors such as barristers’ availability, the type and complexity of the case, the other side’s approach, the amount of papers you need to review, the need for additional information for documents, third parties intervening in the case and court waiting times. We endeavour always to work within a client’s requested time scale, however short that may be. In circumstances where a deadline cannot be met, the client will be informed at the earliest opportunity.

We are fully committed to transparency in relation to fees. and we normally calculate them by reference to the amount of time required and a commercial hourly rate applicable to the relevant barrister. Our fees are flexible and competitive, the hourly rates may vary as a result of the experience and seniority of your Barrister as well as its urgency and complexity.