Caroline Bray works in the Midlands and exclusively in the Crime Team. Her practice focuses mainly on Serious Sexual Offences and Serious Violent Offences but her versatility and willingness to adapt means Caroline is often called upon for work in all areas of criminal law. Caroline is a Grade 4 prosecutor and is on the Rape Panel.

Caroline has a particular skill in dealing with vulnerable witnesses and defendants and is well liked for her easy approach and demeanour.

CPS Panel appointments

General Crime Level 4
RASSO Level 4

Key cases & testimonials

Mader, R. v [2018] EWCA Crim 2454 (11 October 2018) – Caroline appeared for the Crown at the original trial and at the appeal. Her application to adduce the good character of the complainant and witness in a self-defence case was successful at trial and the ruling upheld on appeal. This case is already being used in Judicial training exercises.

R v Davies and others – Junior counsel, Murder.

R v Phillips – Attempted Murder.

R v Khan – case of Honour based violence.

R v Pendry – Rape of a child

R v McMillan – stranger Rape.

Miss Bray is compelling advocate, who has shown a great eye for detail, and whose client care with vulnerable defendants is exceptional.Solicitor, Northampton

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