Sarah Gaunt, is an experienced criminal practitioner specialising in cybercrime, international justice and serious organised crime and complex criminal cases. She has been recently appointed as a Deputy District Judge (DDJ). She has been graded 4 (highest grade) since 2012 on the general and specialist Serious Economic and Organised Crime and International Directorate (SEOCID)/ Rape and Serious Sexual offences prosecution lists.

Sarah has recently spoken in Kenya and Tanzania as part of the Bar Council UK legal symposia, speaking on cryptocurrency/Blockchain and Internal Financial Regulation (November 2022). Sarah is a member of the Bar Council’s Representation and Bar Conference Working Group Committees.

In 2015 Sarah became a CEDR qualified mediator.

CPS Panel appointments

General Crime Level 4
RASSO Level 4
Serious Crime Level 4

Key cases & testimonials

2021-2022 MASON & Others (Operation Vitelius) – Leading counsel – Prosecution of a 5-defendant cybercrime fraud conspiracy with an estimated 50,000 complainants and anticipated onward fraudulent losses of circa £9 million.

2023 STYLES, TURCHET & SIVAKUMAR (Operation Lespedeza) – Sole Counsel – Prosecution of an international illegal immigration via serious organised crime. The illegal immigration of Albanians via private light aircraft into a non-designated private airfield by “career “go-to” criminals”.
Links: Sunday Times, BBC, Telegraph, NCA

2022 R V ANDERSON & others (Operation Inception) – Junior Counsel – 5 defendant murder/manslaughter with an initially suspected serious organised crime background. Issues concerning causation of death and joint enterprise participation existed at trial.

2018 R V WEBSTER (and others) (Operation Starbreeze) – Leading prosecution counsel in 11-defendant substantial “County Lines” drug supply conspiracy (CCU Nottingham).

2021 R V RANDUCANU & Others (Operation Brickfelder) – Sole prosecution counsel in a London and countrywide largescale conspiracy to commit fraud/theft through exploiting ATM design defects using various devices such as “cashclaws” (Recorder of London, Central Criminal Court).

Certainly the one you want on your side. Legal 500 2023
She is hardworking, approachable and is able to explain the most complicated legal problem in a way that doesn't make you feel out of your depth or patronised. Legal 500 2022
An experienced advocate who is excellent in complex, paper-heavy, serious crime. She has an excellent knowledge of the law in relation to cybercrime cases. Legal 500 2021
A hardworking, efficient and unflappable advocate, who is undaunted by unusual and complex cases. Fair, hardworking, efficient and unflappable.Legal 500 2017
Cybercrime barrister of the year. Monthly Lawyer (2019)

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