John has been practising serious crime for over 20 years. Both as an independent member of the Bar and as the manager of an in-house Crown Court team he has an approachable but persuasive style. He spent many years in the airline industry before choosing to read law and coming to the Bar. He has a no nonsense approach coupled with an easy style particularly liked by juries.

When defending his successful acquittals in even the most serious cases have given rise to a respected reputation amongst professional and lay clients. His sensitive handling of cases involving children, the vulnerable and persons with mental health difficulties has garnered repeated praise from Judges.

Key cases & testimonials

Operation Income, R v. BM & others (2023 Oxford) – Murder. Defending. Multi-handed trial in what was known as “The Jericho Murder”. Complex issues on the facts and interpretation of joint enterprise relating to defendants’ actions immediately after a fatal blow. Acquitted.

R v. A (2022/23, Swindon) – Child Cruelty. Defending. s.28 cross-examination of 2 child witnesses and subsequent trial alleging cruelty over may years ultimately causing the children to flee the family home. Acquitted.

R v. MP (2023, Oxford) – Rape. Defending. Knifepoint rape of a vulnerable 60 year old woman with learning difficulties.

R v. KC & others (2022, Reading)

Murder. Defending. Multi-handed gang related attack involving 1 fatality. Complex analysis of cell-site and CCTV evidence as well as issues of joint enterprise.

R v. SE (2021, Central Criminal Court) – Terrorism. Defending. D gathering and disseminating articles to contacts in the Middle East used for bomb making and propaganda.

John is respected by Judges and extremely persuasive with juries. Defendants enjoy his down-to-earth approach. We have instructed him in the most serious matters for many years because of his outstanding abilities. Reeds Solicitors
Formidable and confident in court. Judges, defendants and juries alike are always impressed. A go-to person for the most serious offencesAlbin & Co. Solicitors