Nadeem’s practice focuses on cases of financial wrongdoing, serious organised crime and homicide. Nadeem is highly sought after by both defence solicitors and prosecution agencies.

Nadeem is ranked as a leading junior in the Legal 500.

CPS Panel appointments

General Crime Level 4
RASSO Level 4
Serious Crime Level 4
Fraud Level 4
Counter Terrorism Level 3
Proceeds of Crime Level 3

Key cases & testimonials

R v AM & another, Murder, 2023 – A three week trial at the Central Criminal Court. Nadeem was led by Mark Harries KC. The trial involved complex legal arguments regarding the admissibility of anonymised hearsay and the scope of the law of joint enterprise.

Operation T, Conspiracy to supply class A drugs and firearms offences, 2023 – Nadeem was instructed as leading counsel by the East Midlands Complex Casework Unit. The case centred on a long running conspiracy to transport multiple kilogrammes of class A across the nation. The prosecution relied upon cell site analysis, radio frequency surveys and detailed financial evidence.

Operation W, Conspiracy to supply class A drugs, 2023

Nadeem was instructed as leading counsel by the East Midlands Complex Casework Unit.  The prosecution centred on organised crime groups involved in the distribution of large quantities of class A drugs which were intended for onward supply.

R v KO & another, Murder, 2023

Nadeem was instructed as led junior.  The case centred on expert evidence regarding causation and CCTV enhancement.

R v MR & others, Perverting the Course of Justice, 2023 – A three month trial at the Central Criminal Court. Nadeem’s client was alleged to have disposed of the body of a murder victim. The case involved allegations of police malpractice.

R v PM, Fraud, 2023 – The alleged misappropriation of funds by a senior manager employed in a nationwide organisation. The case involved expert evidence on the analysis of handwriting, accounting and the analysis of metadata retrieved from computer files.

Suffolk County Council v RT & another, Fraud by abuse of position, 2023

The defendants were alleged to have fraudulently appropriated over £200,000 which was intended for the care of a relative.  The case involved restraint and potential confiscation proceedings in respect of property held outside of the jurisdiction.

Operation J, Fraudulent trading, 2022

A Trading Standards prosecution of a rogue trader.  Detailed financial and expert evidence on the quality of services provided and conformity with the appropriate professional regulations.

Operation Q, International bribery and corruption, 2019-2022

Instructed by the Serious Fraud Office as Senior Independent Counsel leading a team of lawyers conducting a lengthy LPP review as part of a high profile investigation into alleged international bribery and corruption.

Operation S, Conspiracy to supply class A drugs and related firearms offences, 2022

Instructed as Leading Counsel by the East Midlands Complex Casework Unit.  Wholesale quantities of cocaine allegedly being transported across the UK for onward dilution and supply to end users.  The evidence at trial included cell site material, mobile phone analysis, the use of encrypted devices and surveillance evidence.

Operation O, Conspiracy to possess firearms with intent, 2022 – Instructed as Leading Counsel by the East Midlands Complex Casework Unit. An Organised Criminal Group was in possession of a large number of stolen firearms. The trial involved surveillance evidence, cell site material and contested expert evidence on the legal status of some of the firearms.

Operation P, Murder, 2022

A murder arising from an alleged honey trap.  The case involved extensive legal arguments on the proper application of the law on joint enterprise.  Nadeem was led by William Harbage KC.

Operation H, Conspiracy to supply class A drugs, 2021

Instructed as Leading Counsel by the East Midlands Complex Casework Unit.  A thirteen defendant conspiracy to facilitate the wholesale supply of large quantities of cocaine.  Forensic analysis, cell site data and Encrochat material (Operation Venetic) are all features of the evidence in this case.

R v AY & others, Murder, 2021

The owner of a cannabis factory was killed whilst disturbing a group of burglars.  This case involved detailed consideration of the law on joint enterprise in light of the Court of Appeal’s decision in Jogee.  Nadeem was led by William Harbage KC.

Operation R, Conspiracy to produce cannabis, Possession of firearms, 2021

An Albanian Organised Crime Group ran several cannabis factories across the UK.  The group used illegal firearms for the purposes of maintaining its criminal activities.

HMRC v HA, 2021

HMRC applied for an Account Forfeiture Order.  The respondent was a businessman involved in the promotion of a nascent cryptocurrency.  The order was sought in the sum of ca. £350,000.

R v MC, Fraud, 2021

Online investment schemes which are alleged to have been wholly fraudulent.  Investors were induced to pay approximately £600,000 which was neither invested nor returned.  There was a large volume of financial evidence in this case.

CPS Enforcement Unit v AS, 2021

An enforcement receiver was appointed by the court to oversee the realisation of the respondent’s assets including the potential forced sale of a residential property.


Nadeem has complete command of the court. He is an impressive performer. Nadeem's legal knowledge is second to none. His intellect is formidable and he sees things in case law that others miss. He is fabulous to work with - charming, patient, and humble. He is undoubtedly a silk in waiting.Legal 500 2024
Calm, thorough, formidable advocate, meticulous case preparation. Nadeem speaks with a quiet authority and in a way which both juries and judges find attractive.Legal 500 2023
Very good at absorbing a large amount of paperwork and then formulating complex legal argument from the material. Nadeem is very good on his feet and keeps the jury entertained. Legal 500 2022
Calm and collected when dealing with complex issues, with a methodical approach to cases and an eye for detail.Legal 500 2021
Effective with clients, witnesses and judges. Diligent, well-prepared and thoughtful.Legal 500 2020

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Serious Fraud Office (SFO) Panel Advocate – Panel B

CPS Advocate Panel Member – Level 4

Fraud Specialist Panel Member

Serious Crime Specialist Panel Member

Proceeds of Crime Specialist Panel Member

Counter Terrorism Specialist Panel Member

Lead Advocacy Tutor for Lincoln’s Inn

Deputy District Judge


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