Amanda acts as counsel and arbitrator and practises in England and Wales. The core of Amanda’s work is proceedings relating to the welfare of children both public and private. Amanda represents parents, children and local authorities in public law proceedings and parents and children in private law proceedings. Amanda has a wealth of experience in managing difficult and complex cases.

Key cases

Care proceedings concerning.the removal of a child due to obesity involving complex cultural issues and complicated medical evidence.

Representation of a young adult who was the victim of abuse due to parents poor mental health and cultural beliefs.

Care proceedings concerning allegations of serious sexual assault by family members.

Representation of grandparents seeking the care of their grandson.

Brought in to represent the Local Authority in Court of Appeal case where the issue was whether decisions made during the course of a final hearing resulted in an unfair hearing for the mother -P, Re (A Child: Fair Hearing) [2023] EWCA Civ 215

Areas of expertise

Amanda has a great deal of experience representing children and parents in the most intractable private family law disputes. She has a vast experience in cross examining both lay witnesses and professionals to identify the real issues in a case. Her training an arbitrator brings and analytical and solution focussed approach to her work.

Amanda regularly represents local authorities; parents and children in care proceedings dealing with complex fact find hearings and contested final hearings. She regularly deals with final hearings which require cross examination of medical experts and other professionals in respect of factual disputes and welfare disputes. She brings a calm and sensitive approach to the most difficult of cases. Amanda is adept at representing parents who have additional needs enabling them to participate fully in proceedings.

Amanda is a qualified arbitrator and a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

Further information

Member of Family Law Bar Association and Association of Lawyers for Children

Member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators