1st September 2021

Views from the Bridge at 36 Stone – Edition 10

Charles Debattista, Ravi Aswani, Jamsheed Peeroo and Moeiz Farhan

We are delighted to release the tenth edition of Views from the Bridge at 36 Stone.

In the 10th edition, we have an insightful Q&A with Jamsheed Peeroo who discusses the previous year coordinating his dual practices (England & Wales and Mauritius). Jamsheed’s Q&A is followed by an interesting piece from Moeiz Farhan on ‘Challenges to arbitral awards in the English courts: risking loss of confidentiality?’ discussing the recent Court of Appeal decision in Manchester City Football Club Ltd -v- The Football Association Premier League Ltd [2021] EWCA Civ 1110.

Views from the Bridge at 36 Stone is opened by Director of Clerking, Paul Martenstyn which includes a special congratulations to Ravi Aswani following his nomination for Shipping Junior of the Year at this year’s Chambers Awards. Edition 10 is closed by Head of 36 Stone, Professor Charles Debattista.

Read Edition 10 here. 

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