15th May 2019

‘The ECJ and UK Law after the transition period – how should disputes be resolved?’

Richard Wilson KC, LL.D

On 15 May 2019, at an event held by Politeia* in London, Richard Wilson QC, LL.D gave an address relating to the ECJ and UK law after the Transition and spoke specifically on the various models as to how trading disputes might be resolved. Speaking alongside Richard, were The Rt. Hon. David Jones MP, European Scrutiny Committee; Professor Takis Tridimas, Matrix Chambers and King’s College London; and The Baroness Ludford, Liberal Democrat Lord’s Spokesperson, Exiting the EU.

*Established in 1995, Politeia is a forum for discussing economic, constitutional and social policy. It focuses on the role of the state in people’s lives. Politeia aims to encourage the best policies for a free society under the rule of law, a prosperous economy based on free markets and competition, and excellent systems for education, health care and pensions. Politeia works with leading authorities from both Britain and abroad, pioneers from the legal profession, academic life, the economy, business and politics. With them, Politeia publishes up to date research and analyses, and makes proposals on which successful government policy can be based. It also hosts conferences and events to discuss the details of policy.

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