Woman delivering a workshop

24th February 2024

36 Stone Barrister delivers a workshop at the Leadership Summit as part of the Girls Human Rights Festival

Khadija Leuenberger

Workshop "Speak Up, Change Lives: Empowering Girls' Human Rights through Public Speaking"

On Wednesday, February 21st, the Girls Human Rights Hub hosted its Leadership Summit as part of the Girls Human Rights Festival.

We were honoured to have 36 Stone Barrister Khadija Leuenberger deliver the workshop “Speak Up, Change Lives: Empowering Girls’ Human Rights through Public Speaking”, where she students in an interactive session on essential oratory skills.

Thanks to Khadija for representing 36 Stone, and Sultana Tafadar KC (King’s Counsel) and Hogan Lovells for giving us the platform to speak on this crucial topic. Special thanks also to Akima Paul Lambert and Lady Hale for their inspiring fireside chat.

For more information about the event, visit the Girls Human Rights Hub here.

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