10th October 2023

Criminal Practice – Revise SQE

James Ball and Mark Thomas

Second Edition –  Updated for the 2023 SQE1 specification, Revise SQE Criminal Practice provides readers with the core legal principles and rules to be tested by the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE1) Functioning Legal Knowledge assessment. It covers the fundamental rules relating to criminal practice from the commission of the criminal offence, through to the investigation and charge of the offence, and the trial process. In particular, the text considers the law, procedure and processes involved in advising a client at the police station, pre-trial considerations and magistrates’ court and Crown Court trials, including sentencing and appeals. Readers will be able to test their knowledge throughout by the use of SQE-style multiple-choice questions, and with practical examples demonstrating the application of the law.


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Involving James Ball and Mark Thomas