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Extradition News
Legal 500 Awards 202313th July 2023
Her Majesty The Queen8th August 2022
Joanna O'Connell10th June 2022
Chambers and Partners 2022 rankings21st October 2021
The 36 Group Advocacy Competition16th October 2021
The Legal 500 (Legalease) 2022 rankings1st October 2021
10000 Black Interns Programme13th September 2021
The 36 Group win the Chambers of the Year Award at the 2020/21 Leicestershire Law Society Awards6th September 2021
The 36 Group shortlisted for three UK Bar Awards 20211st September 2021
2020 Advocacy Competition14th October 2020
Women in Law Awards 20203rd September 2020
The 36 Group - Statement6th June 2020
The 36 Group launch in Cyprus12th November 2019
Kathryn Howarth succeeds in obtaining the discharge of a Romanian EAW7th October 2019
36 Extradition in Legal 50027th September 2019
New Heads of Chambers at The 36 Group10th September 2019
API Test12th July 2019
Kathryn Howarth speaks on a panel at the Human Rights Lawyers Association event at Hogan Lovells about the prosecution of international crimes in the UK 19th June 2019
Kathryn Howarth wins case for mother of three years old child, who was discharged at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Article 8 grounds7th May 2019
Saoirse Townshend successfully represented a very vulnerable victim of human trafficking 22nd March 2019
Saoirse Townshend successfully represents appellant in extradition case6th March 2019
Kathryn Howarth and Saoirse Townsend appointed to CPS Specialist Panel in Extradition at Level 36th February 2019
Sad News from 36 Family24th December 2018
The 36 Group in the latest edition of Chambers and Partners1st November 2018
Kathryn Howarth succeeds in the case of a single-mother whose extradition was sought by Poland to serve a three years sentence13th August 2018
Saoirse Townshend and Florence Iveson before the Lord Chief Justice7th June 2018
Saoirse Townshend of 36 Extradition speaks to the BBC World Service26th March 2018
Martin Kingerley and Kate Tompkins appointed as Recorders22nd March 2018
Emilie Pottle appointed to Attorney General's Panel30th January 2018
The 36 Group speak to Lawyer Monthly about some of the major changes to the legal Market in 2017 and what impact this will have to the legal industry in 201823rd January 2018
Saoirse Townshend of 36 Extradition wins Polish appeal16th October 2017
Florence Iveson for prosecution in extradition proceedings involving kidnapping of model Chloe Ayling26th September 2017
Comment on Alexander and Di-Benedetto judgment given today15th June 2017
James Petts wins 'Best Team Photo' at the London Legal Walk 201731st May 2017
The 36 Group take part in London Legal Walk25th May 2017
Saoirse Townshend successfully represents Appellant in Article 8 extradition appeal where almost 6 year delay by NCA unexplained10th May 2017
We are pleased to welcome Steven Newbery to The 36 Group as Business Development Manager (Commercial & Civil)2nd May 2017
Saoirse Townshend led in lead authority case17th March 2017
Florence Iveson to be lead by Mark Summers QC in unusual Section 13 case16th March 2017
Saoirse Townshend successful in Extradition appeal16th March 2017
Florence Iveson lead by David Josse QC in Bulgarian Article 3 appeal. 14th March 2017
Success in the Administrative Court for Emilie Pottle in important Extradition case concerning the doctrine of "judicial notice2nd March 2017
Emilie Pottle led by Mark Summers QC in Lithuanian human trafficking appeal2nd March 2017
Florence Iveson appears in an important German 12A case at the Administrative Court, lead by Ben Lloyd.1st March 2017
Florence Iveson appeared before the Divisional Court in case considering section 21B20th February 2017
Emilie Pottle led by Hugh Southey QC in the Divisional Court in extradition appeal concerning abuse of process and proportionality. 16th February 2017
Richard Wilson QC writes on the Brexit Supreme Court Judgment 26th January 2017
Saoirse Townshend successfully represents a requested person in Arturs Zimackis v Latvia16th January 2017
The EU-Turkey refugee deal only succeeded in one thing8th December 2016
Associate Members of The 36 Group receive Pro Bono Award7th November 2016
Saoirse Townshend listed in the Extradition section of Chambers and Partners3rd November 2016
36 Extradition’s Saoirse Townshend, Florence Iveson Kathryn Howarth and Emilie Pottle welcomed by Kingsley Napley Soliitors for seminar on ‘What’s new in Extradition Law’.30th October 2016
The 36 Group sponsor 'Law Firm Of The Year' award3rd October 2016
36 Extradition Recruitment17th August 2016
Saoirse Townshend takes part in 'European Arrest Warrant and Fundamental Rights, National Responses' online training course16th August 2016
Saoirse Townshend appears in the Supreme Court case of: Goluchowksi v District Court in Elblag, Poland and Sas v Circuit Court and District Court in Jelenia Gora, Poland [2016] UKSC 3616th August 2016
The 36 Group win Chambers of the Year18th May 2016
Saoirse Townshend to appear in the Supreme Court on the case of Sas v. Poland11th May 2016
Kathryn Howarth appears in the Divisional Court for an extradition appeal in which guidance on the new temporary transfer provisions under section 21B of the Act will be given.24th November 2015
36 Extradition’s Saoirse Townshend successfully applies for judicial review15th July 2015