Preetika defends and prosecutes across the spectrum of serious criminal and quasi-criminal cases. Her criminal practice covers fraud & financial crime, serious violence, drugs supply, sexual offences and offences involving weapons.

Preetika is a sought-after junior who is known for her sound judgment, empathetic approach and attention to detail. She is a fearless defence advocate who leaves no stone unturned and has an excellent record in cases with challenging odds before difficult benches – including succeeding in a case against a Band 1 Silk.

Between April 2023 – May 2024, she completed a fraud & financial crime secondment at HMRC. Whilst at HMRC she was embedded counsel in 6 HMRC Operations involving offences of cheating the public revenue, VAT fraud, money laundering, bribery and corruption – with significant cross-jurisdictional dimensions. Preetika advised on all aspects of the pre-charge stage and developed expertise on the application of POCA to cryptoassets.

She has also been instructed to appear in applications for production orders, search warrants and other pre-charge hearings involving investigatory powers and intelligence. Preetika has been instructed as independent LPP and disclosure counsel in several HMRC operations involving voluminous evidence.

Her background in human rights and public international law makes her a versatile advocate well placed to advise on cases requiring an interdisciplinary approach. She has worked on landmark constitutional litigation around the world relating to the regulation of AI, decriminalisation of same-sex relations in India and environmental justice.

Her international law experience includes:

  • Part of the Karadžić defence team at the ICTY (appeal arguments in relation to failure to reopen defence case to remedy prosecution disclosure violations).
  • Worked in the Executive Office of the UN Secretary General at UNHQ (assisted multilateral processes in UN General Assembly and Security Council; speech writing; report writing).
  • Worked as a consultant for UNICEF on rights of children within Myanmar’s criminal justice system.
  • Part of the committee that reformed Indian criminal law following the Delhi gang rape in 2012. She subsequently worked with UN Women HQ and the Government of India on implementation of these reforms.
  • Advised numerous international NGOs in relation to reporting under international human rights mechanisms.
  • Developing the conversation around ‘Ecocide’ in the Indian Legal System.

CPS Panel appointments

General Crime Level 2

Key cases

Operation T: Led junior for the prosecution in a trial involved 15 counts of conspiracy to commit robbery and converting criminal property against 11 defendants. The conspiracy targeted famous footballers across the Midlands and London.

Operation C: Led junior for the prosecution in a trial involving historic sexual offending by a doctor against multiple patients across several decades (ongoing).

R v S: Successful appeal to the Court of Appeal in relation to sentence for supply drugs offence.  Court of Appeal stated they were: “grateful for the clear, precise and helpful oral and written submissions”. Succeeded on every ground pursued.

R v H: Junior alone for the prosecution in a violent disorder trial at the CCC. Involving possession of a firearm and gunshots fired prior to the incident. Complex legal arguments relating to admissibility of digital evidence at trial (ongoing).

R v CH & CT: Junior alone for defence in case involving allegations of drug supply. Case involving forensic and expert evidence (ongoing).

R v N: Junior alone for defence in a cultivation of cannabis crown court trial involving a modern slavery defence. Used knowledge of domestic and European human rights law to obtain an adjournment of the trial to allow the NRM Conclusive Grounds decision to be obtained. Drafted representations to the CPS and a skeleton argument seeking a stay on the grounds of abuse of process. Relied on State obligations under international law as incorporated into domestic and European case law.

R v B: Instructed as sole defence counsel in a case involving youth stabbings on the London Underground. Client charged with ‘affray’ and ‘possession of offensive weapon’. Crown dropped the case following successful representations on the basis that defendant was in fact the victim.

R v M & D: Junior alone for the prosecution in a 6-day Crown Court trial involving a series of violent robberies with defendants running defence of duress. Successfully secured conviction.

R v F & M: Junior alone for the prosecution in a PWITS (A) Newton Hearing involving £100,000 of Class A drugs. Case involved lengthy phone downloads. Crown disputed D’s position that D was involved solely to the extent of paying off drug debts. Crown’s position was that D played a leading role and had substantial influence on others in the chain.

R v K: Junior alone for defence in an aggravated burglary (intent to inflict GBH) Crown Court trial. Defendant acquitted after trial.

R v K: Junior alone for defence in 3-day ABH Crown Court trial. Secured acquittal in relation to one of the two counts on the indictment due to successful cross examination and closing speech on the inconsistencies in complainant’s evidence.

R v G: Junior alone for defence in 3-day crown court trial for affray and possession of a bladed article (machete) in a public place.  Made a successful half time submission of ‘no case to answer’ in relation to the count of affray against my client. Successfully resisted a hearsay application made by the Crown under s.116 (2) (e) CJA 2003 in relation to admission of a witness statement of an eyewitness.

R v S: Junior alone for prosecution in a coercive control, non-fatal strangulation and threats to kill domestic abuse Crown Court trial. Case involved complex arguments in relation to non -defendant bad character.

R v M: Junior alone for defence in a youth rape sentence. Secured a 12-month intensive referral order for a 17-year-old convicted of rape and causing/inciting a boy 13 – 15 to engage in sexual activity by penetration.

R v P (Sentence): Junior alone for defence in a sophisticated mortgage/tenancy fraud case involving abuse of trust across North London where defendant played a leading role. Secured a suspended sentence for defendant.

R v M (Sentence): Junior alone for defence in a case involving PWITS B (2.6kg Cannabis) and possession of criminal property. Crown accepted D was simply acting as a custodian. Sentenced on basis of plea and secured an 18-month community order.

Protest Cases: Instructed counsel to advise on protest cases. This included a case involving 9 defendants and over 28 witnesses. Case involved complex human rights arguments and handling of difficult disclosure issues that arose during proceedings.

HMRC LPP Reviews: Instructed as independent counsel to advise on Legal Professional Privilege on Operation B and Operation C (HMRC investigations relating to VAT evasion and money laundering).

Op I: Seconded to HMRC as disclosure counsel on a large international bribery and money laundering investigation.

Further information

Sir Geoffrey Nice Foundation International Criminal Law Award, Inner Temple, Bar of England and Wales (2016) & (2017)

International Bar Association Human Rights Training Award (2015)

Jardine Studentship, Inner Temple, Bar of England and Wales (2015)

Major Exhibition Award, Inner Temple, Bar of England and Wales (2015)

NDTV Indian of the Year Award for Contributions to Gender Justice – Awarded to the Justice Verma Committee (2013)

City University, London – BPTC

The London School of Economics & Political Science – LLM

University of Oxford – BA (Hons) Jurisprudence (Law)


Preetika has published articles and blog posts on a range of crime and human rights issues including for: European Human Rights Law Review, Discrimination Law Association, Indian Constitutional Law and Philosophy and Each Other (formerly Rights Info).

Appointments & Memberships

Criminal Bar Association

Young Fraud Lawyer’s Association

Bar Human Rights Committee of England & Wales

Human Rights Lawyers Association

Defence Extradition Lawyers Forum