Flavia Kenyon is a highly experienced and talented barrister with an impressive portfolio of national and international cases and advisory work spanning nearly two decades.

Flavia has become a specialist in cyber and disruptive technologies: Blockchain, AI, Web3, Digital Finance and Crypto-assets, and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, (‘DAOs’).

Flavia heads the legal consultancy at the Big Innovation Centre in London, and has given evidence to Parliament at the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Blockchain adoption into industry. She acts as an advisor to the APPG on Digital Finance, the APPG on Blockchain and the APPG on Artificial Intelligence.

Flavia has been recognised as a leading barrister by acclaimed legal directories, Chambers & Partners, and The Legal 500 for the past decade.

Key cases & testimonials

‘Malware-as-a-service’: R-v-AI and Others, Inner London CC, (2015- 2016) – It was described as the “the biggest case the PCeU has dealt with to date, and the biggest cyber phishing case so far in the UK”.

Deepfake litigation: R-v-VG, St Alban’s CC, (2022) – This case raised a novel legal issue regarding the evidential status of a deepfake in a criminal trial. Flavia successfully argued against its admissibility, and requested proof of the evidential trail and the metadata of the deepfake image in order to be forensically analysed. Following legal argument the Prosecution offered no evidence.

R-v- MM and Others, Isleworth CC, (2020- 2021) – Flavia acted for the main defendant in an international, high profile conspiracy to launder the proceeds from the biggest heist in the UK (£26 million worth of jewellery and watches), stolen from the houses of Tamara Ecclestone, Frank Lampard, and the former owner of Leicester City FC. After a two months trial, Flavia’s client was acquitted.

R-v- OA and Others, Southwark CC, (2019) – Flavia acted in a trial arising out of an insider dealing fraud at the Metro Bank in Holborn. The proceeds were laundered through a sophisticated network of shell companies, and business accounts. Flavia’s client was the only defendant to be acquitted at trial

R-v-ED and Others, (Operation Ragule), Blackfriars CC, (2016) The trial of an international organised criminal group said to be part of a wider conspiracy to launder money through Hawala banking in the Middle East. After a month-long trial, Flavia’s client was the only defendant to be acquitted.

Very hands-on with drafting and gets stuck in with documents and evidence. She is super helpful, taking a collaborative approach to her cases.Chambers & Partners 2023
Extremely intelligent and hard-working. She has a real presence in court.Chambers & Partners 2021
Flavia is a "do or die" barrister; nothing is ever done as a half measure and everything is done at pace to ensure that all stages of the case are pushed forward for the benefit of the client. Flavia is deeply committed to all of her clients and brings unswerving energy to defending clients. Flavia has the ability to assimilate the evidence in a case and scythe through the detail to the issues that are fundamental to the client. Her advocacy is tenacious but considered and bad points are left outside the courtroom.Legal 500 2021
Extremely hardworking, her grasp of cases is instant and her passion for defending as if her own freedom was at stake.Legal 500 2019

Further information

Oxford University, (St Peter’s College), BA (Hons): English and French

Graduate Diploma in Law, BPP Law School, London

Bar Vocational Course, BPP Law School, London

In December 2022 Flavia gave a keynote address opening Day 1 of the Blockchain Expo World Series held at Olympia. Her speech was on Blockchain For Enterprise and addressed current legal and regulatory developments and strategy.

In December 2022 Flavia chaired the panel on Sustainability at the Tech Circus UK conference ‘Enter The Metaverse’ with the focus on building a legal framework for ESG compliance.

In November 2022, Flavia gave evidence at the All Party Parliamentary Group (‘APPG’) on Blockchain Adoption Into Industry.

In 2021 Flavia addressed the Global Cyber Summit at the International Cyber Expo held at Olympia on the power of weaponised disinformation, freedom of speech, surveillance, and online harms.

In 2020 Flavia addressed the BBC Technology and Development department on cyber attacks (ransomware, cyber espionage) and integrity of content with particular relevance to journalists, and media organisations.