Dominic Happé’s practice focuses on all aspects of international trade, particularly shipping (both dry and wet) and commodities, as well as ship sale and purchase and shipbuilding.

He acts in arbitration, in the Commercial Court and in the Court of Appeal. He has wide experience in interlocutory applications, particularly anti-suit injunctions.

He advises on all aspects of his practice, including the drafting of large-scale commodity, mining and mineral exploitation contracts.

Dominic is particularly experienced in assisting in devising and co-ordinating an effective strategy over multiple jurisdictions.

Dominic Happé is recommended as a leading barrister for commodities in the Legal 500 and Legal Experts.

Key cases & testimonials

Galaxy v MURCO [2013] EWHC 3720 Important Commercial Court case involving exceptions to obligation of delivery, hedging, timing of price determination.

OMV v Vector [2014] Lloyd’s Rep. Plus 31 Commercial Court and Court of Appeal. Dispute over recovery of customs penalties paid the opposing party had been engaged in the circumvention of EU anti-dumping penalties and the origin of the goods was concealed.

The “Bulk Chile” [2012] 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 594 (Comm Ct) [2013] 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 38 (CA) Commercial Court and Court of Appeal. The first case to consider the interrelationship between a notices/rights of lien and notices/rights of interception of freight.

Christian D [2011] ILPr 38 Anti-suit injunctions; whether or not a declaratory arbitration award is enforceable.

Easybiz Investments v Sinograin & Anor The Biz [2011] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 688 Cargo claim, breach of arbitration agreement.

He is noted for his extensive experience in shipping casesLegal 500 2021
A stylish advocate.Legal 500 2020
He is noted for his extensive experience in shipping cases.Legal 500 2020
His analysis is always highly legal, but set out in the context of a deep understanding of commercial realities.Legal 500 2016
Very talented.Legal 500 2016

Further information

Spoken: French
Read: Italian, German, Spanish, Greek (modern and ancient)