Arthur accepts instructions both prosecuting and defending. He deals with serious and complex criminal matters, having been instructed as junior alone in cases involving multi-million pound banking fraud, human trafficking and serious violence. He has also been instructed as a led junior in cases of homicide, conspiracy to supply large quantities of class A drugs, conspiracy to launder in excess of £40m, VAT Fraud and firearms.

Arthur has particular experience prosecuting and defending highly technical fraud cases brought by specialist prosecuting authorities including the Insolvency Service, HMRC and Local Authorities.

Arthur accepts instructions under the Public Access Scheme.

CPS Panel appointments

General Crime Level 3

Key cases

R v CD and Ors. (“Op Dragonfly”) [Ongoing] – This case involves an alleged international human trafficking network, controlling prostitution for gain and associated money laundering. Arthur instructed as led junior for the defence.

R (Insolvency Service)  v TS and Ors [Ongoing] – This case involves a network of property development companies, allegedly utilised by a disqualified company director to commit a £3m fraud in anticipation of winding up and to launder the proceeds of that fraud. Arthur instructed as led junior for the prosecution.

R v CT and Ors (“Op Carter”) – Op Carter is a large investigation arising from Op Venetic, concerning linked cocaine and heroin supply networks operating across the Midlands and Northern UK.  Arthur instructed as led junior for the prosecution.

R v S and Ors (“Op Concrete”) [2023] – Operation Concrete was an investigation into an organised crime group stealing large numbers of high-value vehicles, predominately from station car parks, around London and the Home Counties. The group targeted Range Rover and Land Rover vehicles, disabling security and tracking devices, managing to steal vehicles rapidly from public places in broad daylight. Arthur instructed as junior alone for the prosecution.

R v SC [2023] – Manslaughter following an altercation between strangers after both had been drinking. The deceased, B, approached the defendant, who was only 20 years old at the time, and made remarks about the defendant’s partner. An altercation ensued. B’s death was caused by a single blow when he came into contact with the ground. Arthur instructed as led junior for the defence.

R v HB [2023] – Proceedings related to breaches of Terrorist Notification and Serious Crime Prevention Orders, relating to possession of prohibited devices, and associated charges of indecent images and extreme pornography (arising from material found on the prohibited devices). Arthur instructed as junior alone for the defence.

R v JD (“Op Reconverge”) [2023] – Conspiracy to convert criminal property, involving co-operation between the NCA and the Dubai “Combating Organised Crime Department”, concerning the alleged smuggling of approximately £40m in cash. JD was said to be the principal courier, being responsible for £15m of transported cash. Arthur instructed as led junior for the defence.

R (Suffolk County Council) v GM [2023] – This case involved a fraudulent builder who committed a variety of frauds over 3 years, including defrauding customers as to his insurance position and bankruptcy, his VAT status and attempting to defraud a lender to obtain a mortgage. Globally, the frauds were valued at over £1m for the purposes of sentencing. Arthur instructed as junior alone for the prosecution.

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Bar Professional Training Course, BPP University – Outstanding

BA (Hons) Law, University of Cambridge

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Criminal Bar Association

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Advocacy Scholarship, BPP University