Adiba is a family barrister accepting instructions in private and public children law and international family law.

Adiba has a multicultural background having been educated in Finland, as a result of which she speaks six languages (English, Finnish, Bengali, Swedish, Hindi and Turkish) and is able to cater to a wide range of clients and cultures. Adiba has a deeper understanding of especially the South-Asian culture and the impact of the same on cases and has delivered seminars on the topic. Adiba is frequently instructed in such cases achieving excellent results for clients.

Adiba has represented clients successfully in multi-day final hearings and fact-finding hearings in both public and private children law. Adiba has represented many client’s in fact-finding hearings where they have been accused of tens of allegations, and managed to ensure not a single finding was made and in turn achieved findings against the other party of parental alienation.

Adiba contributes to the Family Law Journal and other legal journals/texts regularly and is always available to present seminars on topical issues.

Key cases & testimonials

Represented Father who was defending allegations of emotional, physical and verbal abuse of Mother and child. None of the allegations were found and findings instead made against the Mother.

Represented Mother who resisted contact between the Father and young child due to drug abuse and domestic abuse. No order as to contact made.

Represented Mother of South Asian background, who had no contact with her 3 sons. Achieved shared live with order.

Represented Father who sought shared live with order, however Cafcass recommended only fortnightly overnights. Achieved shared live with order.

Represented Mother in successful application to terminate Father’s parental responsibility. (Read more here.)

Client was incredibly grateful for her help, how she dealt with the case and the other side, her patience, and for all her help in general. He was really impressed, he says he never thought he would get this result so he is very pleased. Solicitor - 2023
Adiba was brilliant this morning, you were right!Solicitor 2023
Can I just say again how appreciative we are of you picking this case up at short notice and the outcome is a very good one.Solicitor - 2022
I have spoken to the client who is incredibly pleased with the outcome and he asked me to thank you again on his behalf. This is the first time we have worked together but I have no doubt that we will do so again.Solicitor - 2022
I am always anxious about using a new barrister, but you have been absolutely brilliant. Your representation of this case was excellent and you understood the detail of the case in a short time. Both my client and her friend were really very grateful with your approach and articulation of her case to the court.Solicitor - 2022

Areas of expertise

Adiba has particular experience in dealing with private children law cases involving allegations of domestic abuse and dealing with multi-day fact-finding hearings as a result. Adiba is able to analyse the evidence available, pin point the strengths and weaknesses of a case and assist solicitors in making the case as strong as possible.

Adiba is experienced in cross examination and has an excellent manner which is easy to follow by judges.


Adiba has dealt with international relocation cases both in terms of applications to move and resisting the move.

Adiba’s understanding of different cultures and beliefs assists in client’s trusting her with their full case without feeling judged and has assisted in international work.

Adiba is keen to expand her international practice.

Further information

Adiba has spoken on the South Asian culture and impact on family proceedings and is always keen on expanding and sharing her knowledge and experiences with practitioners and the judiciary.