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Title Type Date Contributors
FAMILY FINANCE: GENERAL UPDATESeminar04/05/2018Alexander Knight
Lord Sumption’s Restatement of the SAAMCO principle in Gabriel v LittleSeminar01/03/2018
The Rise of Arbitration in Smaller Scale Commercial DisputesSeminar01/03/2018
Claiming Lost Profits in TortSeminar01/03/2018
Fruit of the poisonous tree: Illegally obtained evidence, its consequences and private prosecutionSeminar28/06/2017
2017 SFE ConferenceSeminar14/03/2017Martin Kingerley QC
Occasional internal continuing professional development seminars to legal professionals (continuing)Seminar01/01/2017Joseph Dalby SC
2016 Solicitors for the Elderly ConferenceSeminar01/12/2016Martin Kingerley QC
The Oil, Gas, Energy & Sustainability Law Converzacione IISeminar29/11/2016Richard Wilson QC, LL.DMichael Rudd
Trading Standards NorthwestSeminar17/11/2016
Overview of the Law and Regulations relating to the onshore extraction of Shale Gas and OilSeminar01/07/2016Richard Wilson QC, LL.D
Judicial Review in Procurement and Commercial CasesSeminar01/07/2016Richard Wilson QC, LL.D
ACTSO Training DaySeminar16/06/2016
Local Authorities, Restricted Legal Services and Alternative Business StructuresSeminar01/05/2016Richard Wilson QC, LL.D
Intelligence Gathering and SurveillanceSeminar17/03/2016
Family ArbitrationWebinar01/01/2016Paul Infield
Schedule 1 Children Act 1989Seminar01/01/2016Paul Infield
Litigation Tactics in Financial Remedies claimsWebinar01/01/2016Paul Infield
Family Law UpdateSeminar01/01/2016Paul Infield
Are you certain you have taken informed consent?Seminar01/01/2016Marisa Allman
Debenhams Ottaway - Family Law Update January 2016Seminar01/01/2016Emily James
Chartered Trading Standards Institute Annual ConferenceSeminar01/01/2016
Local Authority TrainingSeminar01/01/2016
The New CPR Part 36 - Eight Key ChangesSeminar01/10/2015Richard Wilson QC, LL.D
Easements and Rights of WaySeminar01/10/2015Jonathon Rushton
Hertfordshire County Council training September 2015Seminar01/09/2015Emily James
Care seminar September 2015Seminar01/09/2015Emily James
A Consumer Protection AvalancheSeminar01/07/2015
Consumer Rights of RedressSeminar01/07/2015
Business Valuations: Do Lawyers and Accountants Speak the Same LanguageSeminar01/06/2015Andrzej Bojarski
Should Family Lawyers Use the F–Word More OftenSeminar01/06/2015Andrzej Bojarski
Nuisance and other Menacing IssuesSeminar01/06/2015Jonathon Rushton
Vulnerable Witnesses SeminarSeminar01/06/2015Clare Meredith
Sole Practitioners Group – Update on Family LawSeminar01/05/2015Emily James
Health and SafetySeminar19/03/2015Christopher Donnellan QC
Kent Integrated Care AllianceSeminar11/02/2015Christopher Donnellan QC
Modern FamiliesSeminar01/01/2015Jamie de Burgos
Inheritance Act applications and a review of recent authoritiesSeminar01/01/2015Ian Robbins
Modern Families Practitioner’s Guide for ResolutionSeminar01/01/2015Marisa Allman
Art Bahrain 2015Seminar01/01/2015Jessica Franses
TOLATA claims for Family Lawyers Webinar01/12/2014Andrzej Bojarski
Pensions on DivorceWebinar01/11/2014Andrzej Bojarski
Nuptial Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements: Practical Considerations for the Lawyer Webinar01/10/2014Andrzej Bojarski
Fracking and Property UpdateSeminar01/10/2014Jonathon Rushton
Jackson Reforms – Relief from SanctionSeminar01/06/2014Jonathon Rushton
Simon Gore Events – Mid Year Family Law ConferenceSeminar01/06/2014Emily James
Wilful Neglect (inactive)Seminar01/04/2014
Termination of Business LeasesSeminar01/04/2014Jonathon Rushton
Public Law Update – in the light of Re B-SSeminar01/04/2014Clare Meredith
Sharia Finance SeminarSeminar01/03/2014
“Local Authorities and the Duty to Consult” to London Boroughs Legal Alliance (2014)Seminar01/01/2014Joseph Dalby SC
“Local Authorities and Electronic Procurement” to London Boroughs Legal Alliance (2014)Seminar01/01/2014Joseph Dalby SC
“Conducting a Lawful Procurement Process II” to King’s Inns Advanced Diploma in Public Procurement Law (2014)Seminar01/01/2014Joseph Dalby SC
Imerman: From ‘cheat’s charter’ to ‘damp squib’?Seminar01/06/2013Andrzej Bojarski
Making the Future Predictable: Nuptial and Cohabitation Agreements Webinar01/06/2013Andrzej Bojarski
Unlocking Trust Assets on Divorce Seminar01/04/2013Andrzej Bojarski
Is Proportionality differently applied by the Luxembourg and Strasbourg Courts?Seminar01/01/2013Richard Wilson QC, LL.D
Sharia 'Dispelling Myths'Seminar01/01/2013
Commercial Judicial Review: Scope, Regulation and Public ProcurementSeminar01/01/2012Richard Wilson QC, LL.D
“Public Procurement From The Perspective of Public Bodies”, Corporate & Public Lawyers Association (2011)Seminar01/01/2011Joseph Dalby SC
"Secondary Policies in Public Procurement" to ISEL Procurement Law Forum (2011)Seminar01/01/2011Joseph Dalby SC
“Performance Bonds – ‘Virtual Promissory Notes’?”, UCD Commercial Law Centre (2009)Seminar01/01/2009Joseph Dalby SC
Occasional training seminars for civil servants 2005 to date)Seminar01/01/2005Joseph Dalby SC
Regular speaker at continuing professional development courses through the mid-1990sSeminar01/01/1995Joseph Dalby SC