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Tenancy Vacancies

The 36 Group is a dynamic set. The major restructuring of the set three years ago along business lines has proven successful.

Now led by an energetic Executive Board chaired by the Joint Heads of Chambers, supported byan Independent Strategy & Practice Development Consultant who has valuable experienceas former managing partner of a City law firm, and with business development driven by three Practice Managers supported by specialist clerking teams, the set has experienced burgeoningwork across a number of practice areas.

We are currently inviting applications from established practitioners in the following practice areas:

For a confidential discussion please contact the relevant Heads of Team:

36 Civil Practice

36 Civil Practice welcome both group and individual applications from established practitioners in any one of these areas: Property and Commercial, Intellectual Property and Brand Protection, Immigration, Housing and Education.

36 Crime

36 Crime cover all aspects of Criminal and Regulatory Law, in a wide variety of proceedings and investigations, from cyber fraud and murder to health and safety, trading standards and professional discipline (in particular police discipline). We welcome applications from established practitioners who practise in London and/or the Midlands, and who have strong practices and considerable experience in one or more of the specified fields. Group applications will be considered.

36 Extradition

36 Extradition has rapidly built a strong reputation, and is now looking to increase its numbers by recruiting experienced practitioners who are as dedicated and enthusiastic about this area of law as our current team members.

36 Family 

36 Family has the depth and breadth of expertise and experience to deal with the full range of family work through its main specialist sub-groups: Family Finance, Children & Modern Families and Care proceedings. From the most complex disputes to smaller and lower value ones, every case we areinstructed on is treated with the utmost importance and respect.


“We see our pupils as our future tenants and our junior tenants as our future.”

The 36 Group will be taking on one criminal  and one one family pupil to begin October 2018. These positions will be advertised through Pupillage Gateway in January 2017. Please do not apply to Chambers other than through the Pupillage Gateway. No applications for pupillage will be considered other than those made through the Pupillage Gateway.

The 36 Group at 36 Bedford Row comprises a number of specialist practice groups. The principal practice groups are 36 Family, 36 Crime, and 36 Commercial & Property. Additionally, there are practice groups for consumer, employment, immigration and education law work.

Each practice group has its own Head of Practice Group, and its own strategy, business plan and ethos. Almost all practitioners are members of one only of the major practice groups, and specialise in that practice area.

We are a stable and well established set of Chambers, with an unbroken history dating back to the 1850s. Over the past 25 years, we have steadily moved away from our common law background where each practitioner covered had a mixed practice covering crime, family and civil to a situation where members will practise in only of those areas.

Today, we are a progressive and innovative set numbering over a 100 members. Organisationally, we have a board of directors, supported by a chief executive. Our practice managers lead on business development as well as heading up their clerking teams in family, crime and civil, respectively.

We have a strong reputation for high quality work, across a variety of practice areas. In recent years, for instance, several members have appeared in important Court of Appeal and Supreme Court cases in family, criminal, commercial, property, consumer, employment, European Union and immigration law.

All pupillage vacancies at 36 Bedford are placed on the Pupillage Gateway, which is the annual online application system for pupillage operated by the Bar Council.


The current competition is for entry in October 2018.


The current competition is for entry in October 2018.

Criminal law practice. 36 Crime comprises a team of forty-five, including eight Queen’s Counsel. We undertake both privately and publicly funded defence and prosecution work in the Midlands, London and South East. 

Our barristers routinely appear in the Court of Appeal, the High Court and in international courts and tribunals as well as before a variety of regulatory bodies. There is a strong and growing extradition and Judicial Review element to the work that members of the team are doing.

Criminal law pupillage. We have always regarded our pupils and our junior tenants as our future and we seek to invest our time and resources to ensure they develop as fully as possible. Pupils are always recruited with a view to offering them tenancy at the end of the 12 months if they satisfy our criteria.

We are looking to recruit a pupil who is committed to practising in criminal law and related areas. The specialist criminal pupillage is designed to ensure appropriate exposure to all aspects of criminal drafting, advisory and advocacy.

Although a pupil will have two main pupil supervisors pupil’s also spend time with other members both within the criminal team and within other specialist teams to ensure a solid grounding in key skills. In-house advocacy training is provided.

Our pupils are expected to work hard and expected to travel (our financial awards reflect this) often at short notice and across the whole geographic area covered by members. During the second six months a pupil can expect to be in Court most days.


There is no current pupillage competition for a civil pupil.

Civil Practice. Civil law work at 36 Bedford Row covers commercial, property, immigration, employment, consumer and education law subject areas, (collectively referred to as “The Civil Practice”).

Civil practitioners at 36 Bedford Row tend to have a broadly based civil practice, involving membership of more than one civil practice group (e.g. property, immigration and education).

Our civil work is a mixture of private law (e.g. contract, property and employment) and public law cases (e.g. immigration, social housing and judicial review).

We carry out work mostly on a traditional referral basis, with instructions from solicitors. Some members also take instructions on a direct public access basis; and some few, do so as litigators. An interest in and aptitude for direct public access and/or litigation work tends to be an advantage.

Civil pupillage. We look to recruit pupils who have a resolute determination to practise in one or more of our specialist areas of civil work.

We regard our pupils and junior tenants as our future. We seek to invest our time and resources to ensure they develop as fully as possible. Pupils are always selected with a view to recruiting them as future tenants, provided they meet our criteria for tenancy. In early years as a tenant, practice is likely to involve working in at least two civil practice areas.

We give our pupils a broad-based civil pupillage. About 80% of the pupillage will comprise civil work. Some 20% will involve time with specialist criminal and family practitioners. Such time will aid development of the pupil’s general advocacy and negotiating skills.

By training, instruction, observation and experience we aim to assist our pupils develop into competent courtroom advocates, whether that be arguing points of law or witness handling. We will also assist pupils improve their written work (e.g. skeleton arguments, pleadings or advices etc.).

Prior to commencement of pupillage, we meet prospective pupils to discuss particular practice interests. Consideration will be given to providing a pupillage that focuses on identified practice group(s), where practicable.

Probationary Tenancies

The 36 Group Chambers occasionally offers Probationary Tenancies (traditionally called “Third Six Month pupillages”) to applicants who have successfully completed pupillage in another set of Chambers, but not offered tenancy in that set.

Vacancies for Probationary Tenancies will arise from time to time, and when they do will be placed on the Bar Council website: see http://www.barcouncil.org.uk/careers/third-six-vacancies/


The 36 Group organises two mini–pupillage courses each year, lasting a four week period. The first is held from March to April, the second is from mid- November to mid-December. On each occasion we take 3 mini–pupils per week.

On each day of the course, mini–pupils are offered the opportunity to attend court or other hearings, to work on legal research in Chambers and attend conferences. It is expected that mini–pupils will attend the whole week.


Our next mini–pupillage is from Monday 11th November 2017 to Friday 15th December 2017.

Applications for mini pupillage opens at 9am on Monday 2nd October. The deadline for applications is 6pm on Friday 19th October 2017. Application forms will only be available for download during this period.

We are not able to offer any placements outside of these dates, and only applications made using the online form on our website will be considered.

Our mini-pupillage weeks are intended purely for work experience of a barrister’s practice and working life, and are only available to students over 18 years of age.

For the avoidance of doubt, those who are considering applying to us for a pupillage are not required to have completed a mini–pupillage with the 36 Group.


Support Services

We currently have no vacancies.