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Halsbury's Laws of England, Fifth Edition

Halsbury's Laws of England, Fifth Edition

Halsbury’s Laws. The Law. In order.

Halsbury’s Laws of England is the only complete narrative statement of the law in England and Wales, in print and exclusively online via LexisLibrary.

Every 4 seconds, someone finds an answer using Halsbury’s Laws. Whatever the subject, it has the answer, even in niche and esoteric areas. Halsbury’s Laws covers everything from the fundamental to the highly complex. It is the starting point and the finishing line.

Regarded an authoritative work, Halsbury’s Laws is written by or in consultation with leading experts, ensuring the highest quality and dependability.


About the Matrimonial and Civil Partnership Law publication

Halsbury’s Laws Matrimonial and Civil Partnership Law provides a solid overview of the landscape of the law, and provides a uniquely broad perspective on the law of marriage and civil partnership, including the formation, formalities and legal incidents of marriage.