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36 Crime Newsletter

Foreword from Matthew Lowe:

Welcome to the inaugural newsletter from 36Crime. This is the first of what will become a regular publication.

It is intended to inform and at the same time, illustrate the depth, breadth and quality of services the barristers in 36Crime can offer to both lay client and instructing solicitor.

The articles range from a discussion about a high profile ‘honour’ motivated attempted murder [Adrienne Lucking QC] to analysis of the widened prohibition on displaying tobacco products in shops [John Hallisey].

Claire Howell grapples with recent authorities on the vexed topic of determining benefit in multiple defendant confiscation proceedings and Christopher Donnellan QC reports on a Health and Safety case in which he successfully appeared for a defendant.

The growing amount of disciplinary and regulatory work within chambers is reflected in articles from Steve Evans on proposed changes to police disciplinary hearings. 

Kakoly Pande provides analysis of situations where legal liability can arise from unwise use of social media while Roxanne Aisthorpe comments on the potentially draconian effects of the mandatory sentencing provisions in the Firearms Act.

Our Extradition team goes from strength to strength. Florence Iveson, fresh from a secondment at the CPS Extradition Unit, discuses cost orders in Extradition hearings.

Mary Prior offers her thoughts on the recently announced CPS consultation on pre–trial discussions with witnesses.

It would be remiss of me if I did not take this opportunity to plug books written by members of chambers. Piers Von Berg is the editor of the recently released Judicial Review – The Practitioners Guide. His article in this newsletter deals with the increasing difficulties in seeking JR of decisions to prosecute.

The Sexual Offences Handbook, written by Felicity Gerry QC and Cat Sjolin, was extremely well received first time around. The second edition has just been launched.

Both books are available and would make valuable additions to your legal library.

36 Bedford Row continues to offer the very best advocates for the more complex and serious criminal cases prosecuted in the Crown and appellate courts.

In addition we offer expertise, advocacy and advice in other areas some of which are illustrated in the articles you can read in this newsletter.

We hope that you find something of interest.

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