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COVID claims: business as (un)usualArticle26/04/2021Celso De Azevedo
Cyber Risks Insurance - Alorica, Inc. v. Starr Surplus Lines Insurance Company (2021)Article18/04/2021Celso De Azevedo
Cyber Scams, Injunctions and Tracing Fraudulent Funds TransfersArticle09/04/2021Celso De Azevedo
36 Stone - Halliburton v Chubb: What does it mean for shipping and commodity arbitrations? Article14/12/2020Charles DebattistaAndrew Ng
An Interview with awards winner Mary Prior QCArticle04/12/2020Mary Prior QC
Latest Trends in Cyber Insurance post COVID-19Article27/11/2020Celso De Azevedo
GDPR in the UK after Brexit and Geopolitical Discrimination in Enforcement of Regulatory SanctionsArticle13/10/2020Ceri Davis
Impact of Covid-19 on the Criminal Justice System - Is prosecution a proportionate response?Article16/09/2020Samuel Skinner
Cryptocurrency Article06/05/2020Adrian Amer
Good faith: Is English law swimming against the international tide?Article01/05/2020Vasanti Selvaratnam QC
Big Data in the Post-Brexit Era - Where Oh Where Will It Be?Article04/03/2020Joseph Dalby SC
Cyber Risks Insurance - Law and Practice, 1 edBook28/02/2020Celso De Azevedo
English Court of Appeal refuses to enforce arbitration award – February 2020Article05/02/2020Francis Hornyold-Strickland
Walmsley on Business Interruption Insurance, 2 ed.Article01/01/2020Celso De Azevedo
International Commercial Arbitration Practice: 21st Century PerspectivesBook01/01/2020Celso De Azevedo
36 Crime Winter NewsletterArticle13/12/2019Christopher Donnellan QCMary Prior QCKatherine KelleherCaroline BrayAdrian AmerDavid Ball
Chief Constable of Norfolk v Coffey [2019] IRLR 805Article09/09/2019Richard O'Dair
Cross Border M&A DisputesArticle05/09/2019Doran Doeh
Doran Doeh on International Oil and Gas Disputes Article02/07/2019Doran Doeh
Windrush individuals unlikely to be truly compensated by government schemeArticle24/05/2019Rajiv Sharma
Double-Recovery in Cargo Claims: are sales contracts truly res inter alios acta?Article17/05/2019Charles DebattistaFrancis Hornyold-Strickland
Quantum and causation—recoverable losses in a ship collision (Nautical Challenge v Evergreen Marine) – Francis Hornyold-StricklandArticle14/02/2019Francis Hornyold-Strickland
Clarification as to the validity of jurisdiction clauses in pre-nuptial agreements (Brack v Brack)Article05/02/2019Andrzej Bojarski
Drones over GatwickArticle23/12/2018Joseph Dalby SC
Expanded Protection for Whistleblowers – Is S.103 ERA Redundant?Article10/12/2018Richard O'Dair
Six Top Tips for Potential Whistleblowers i.e. DoctorsArticle23/11/2018Richard O'Dair
Anyone for CakeArticle21/10/2018Richard O'Dair
Clarifying key points in relation to shipping law and arbitral procedure (Dera Commercial Estate v Derya Inc)Article25/07/2018Francis Hornyold-Strickland
Shared Ownership leases of flats and Right to Manage: Is it possible?Article19/07/2018Rachel Coyle
Contributor - The Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents (Auctioneers and Valuers); Lexis Nexis, 2018 reissueBook25/06/2018James Petts
Cross-Examination in InquestsArticle06/06/2018Kate Brunner QC
Aston Student Law ReviewArticle03/05/2018Mary Prior QC
Planning and HMOs: Children Count……… as ResidentsArticle26/03/2018Stephen Bishop
Employment Tribunal Procedure - The power to recall a judgmentArticle26/01/2018David Gray-Jones
Lawyer Legal RoundupArticle21/12/2017Joseph Dalby SCMiriam Carrion BenitezStephen BishopJessica FransesMartin Hayden SCRichard O'DairRichard Wilson QC, LL.D
A Virtual Reality?Article06/12/2017
EU nationals and the immigration tribunalArticle20/11/2017Rajiv Sharma
Westlaw Insight EntriesArticle25/10/2017James Petts
When no means no: time limits that cannot be extended, even if non-compliance is outside your controlArticle23/10/2017Anthony Katz
Extradition: English Court refuses to extradite alleged génocidaires to Rwanda- will a domestic prosecution follow?Article09/10/2017
The Rule of Law and Open JusticeArticle02/10/2017James Keeley
'The benefit cap and lone parents with children under two: case analysis of DA and Others v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions [2017] EWHC 1446 (Admin)Article08/08/2017Rachel Coyle
Art Law: Problems Playing Picasso: The Law Behind ArtArticle01/08/2017Jessica Franses
The Supreme Court considers prison conditions assurances for the first time in Lord Advocate v Dean [2017] UKSC 44Article26/07/2017
Legal and communications best practices to reduce cyber-crime falloutArticle24/07/2017Sarah Gaunt
The obligation to prosecute genocideArticle12/07/2017
The Secretary of State for the Home Department v Mosira [2017] EWCA Civ 407Article05/07/2017Rachel Coyle
The emperor’s new clothes? Specialty protection in PolandArticle05/07/2017
Fair and Serious?Article28/06/2017Karen Reid
Making waves – Alexander and Di-Benedetto: “eking out” s.2 points with further information now permissibleArticle15/06/2017
James E. Petts sets out some key considerations for local authorities looking to recover their costs.Article09/06/2017James Petts
"International Arbitration in the Financial Sector: Room to Grow?” Commercial Dispute Resolution. Vol. 8. Issue. 1Article01/06/2017Francis Hornyold-Strickland
International Arbitration in the Financial Sector: Room to Grow?Article01/06/2017Francis Hornyold-Strickland
Jessica Franses interviewed by the Antiques Trade Gazette Article24/03/2017Jessica Franses
Reforms to cross-examination by alleged abusers in the Prisons and Courts BillArticle07/03/2017Mark Roscoe
Waiving goodbye to the breach: repairing obligations and waiver of breach Article06/02/2017Anthony Katz
Brexit judgment: oil and water don’t mixArticle26/01/2017Richard Wilson QC, LL.D
What Law Governs the Separability of an Arbitration Agreement?Article25/12/2016Francis Hornyold-Strickland
Housing, Secure Tenancies and Anti-Social BehaviourArticle09/12/2016Anthony Katz
The EU-Turkey refugee deal only succeeded in one thingArticle08/12/2016
Consumer and Trading Standards - Law and Practice - 5th Ed 2017Book01/11/2016Adam PearsonNadia Silver
The Right to Manage: A Brief OverviewArticle19/10/2016Rachel Coyle
The New Package Travel Directive: An OverviewArticle01/09/2016
FrackingArticle01/07/2016Michael Rudd
Going Spare: Competition vs. Design Protection in the Automotive After-MarketArticle01/07/2016
International Arbitration Review: England & Wales chaptersArticle01/01/2016Francis Hornyold-Strickland
Balancing the Needs of Consumers and LendersArticle01/09/2015
Trouble in the Caspian Sea: Clarification of the Breadth of the Word “Hereunder” in Arbitration ClausesArticle17/08/2015Francis Hornyold-Strickland
Halsbury's Laws of England, Fifth EditionBook01/07/2015Andrzej Bojarski
Lawyer Monthly InterviewArticle01/07/2015Jessica Franses
Going For BrokeArticle05/06/2015Mark Roscoe
Competition in the Aviation Sector — Etihad and AlitaliaArticle01/06/2015
Regulation of Unmanned Aerial VehiclesArticle01/06/2015
Consumer Law UpdateArticle01/05/2015Nadia Silver
36 Property Spring NewsletterNewsletter01/05/2015James PettsJonathon RushtonDavid BallStephen Bishop
36 Crime NewsletterNewsletter01/05/2015Christopher Donnellan QCJohn HallisseyKakoly PandeRoxanne Iqbal-ClareNadia SilverMary Prior QC
36 Care NewsletterNewsletter01/05/2015Jamie de BurgosRichard O'DairMichael RuddChristopher Donnellan QC
36 Agriculture NewsletterNewsletter01/05/2015James PettsDavid AltarasPaul Infield
The reformed defence of diminished responsibilityPodcast10/01/2015William Harbage QC
The rising value of art expertsArticle01/01/2015Jessica Franses
Are de-activated telecommunications stations liable for rates?Article01/01/2015David Altaras
Jessica Franses writes in acquisition international on the gender pay gapArticle01/01/2015Jessica Franses
Jordans business start up packBook01/01/2015Jonathon Rushton
Employment guide to proceduresBook01/01/2015Simon Harding
Criminal Judicial ReviewBook01/01/2015Richard Wilson QC, LL.DJames McLernonDavid Ball
36 Family Finance NewsletterNewsletter01/01/2015Paul InfieldIan RobbinsAndrzej BojarskiJamie de Burgos
Westlaw Insight 2015: Conflict of LawsArticle01/01/2015Marisa Allman
Private Client Business, Family Issue 4, 2015Article01/01/2015
Sexual Offences, A Practitioner's GuideBook17/06/2014
Nuptial Agreements: Limiting the Family Lawyers’ Exposure to Negligence ClaimsArticle01/01/2014Andrzej Bojarski
Food for Thought – Local Government Lawyer - 2013Article12/09/2013Adam Pearson
Private Criminal Prosecutions in Financial Remedies Cases Article01/02/2013Andrzej Bojarski
An Orthodox Approach to EducationArticle01/01/2013Joanne Ecob
Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013Article01/01/2013Marisa Allman
Private Criminal Prosecutions in Financial Remedies Cases 2013Article01/01/2013
Food for Thought – Local Government LawyerArticle29/10/2012Adam Pearson
Unlocking Matrimonial Assets on DivorceBook01/08/2012Andrzej Bojarski
Loss of ControlArticle01/06/2011William Harbage QC
Diminished ResponsibilityPodcast11/05/2011William Harbage QC
Losing It: The New Defence to Murder of Loss of ControlArticle08/02/2011William Harbage QC
The environmental information regulations 2004 - An UpdateArticle14/02/2010David Altaras
A Performance Bond, Deconstructed (2010) 11 BLI 105Article01/01/2010Joseph Dalby SC
Chartered institue of Arbitrators journalArticle04/11/2009David Altaras
Challenging Times – Remedies in Public Procurement, (2009) 1 IBLQ 5Article01/01/2009Joseph Dalby SC
Setting Off Summary Judgement (2009) 3 IBLQ 1Article01/01/2009Joseph Dalby SC
Performance Bonds – Issues of Drafting, Execution and Enforcement (2009 3(4) IBLQ 14Article01/01/2009Joseph Dalby SC
A New Remedies Directive, European PPP Forum, EIPA June 2006Article01/06/2006Joseph Dalby SC
Commercial & Mercantile Courts Litigation PracticeBook01/10/2003Richard Wilson QC, LL.D
Stalking & Psychosexual Obsession: Psychological Perspectives for Prevention, Policing and TreatmentArticle01/01/2002Paul Infield
The Law of Harassment & StalkingBook01/01/2000Paul Infield
EU law for the Construction IndustryBook01/01/1998Joseph Dalby SC
Remedies for Infringement of the Government Procurement AgreementBook01/01/1997Joseph Dalby SC
Advanced Deposits & the Package Travel Directive - Travel Law Journal [1996] TLJ 11Article01/01/1996Joseph Dalby SC
Construction Produces and European Technical ApprovalArticle01/01/1995Joseph Dalby SC
Legal MattersArticle01/01/1994Joseph Dalby SC
Liabilities and Warranties in the Construction IndustryArticle01/01/1994Joseph Dalby SC
Community NewsScan ServiceNewsletter01/01/1993Joseph Dalby SC
Notice to national Courts on the Application of Articles 85 and 86 Article01/01/1993Joseph Dalby SC