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Response to ‘New Plan for Immigration’ Consultation

26th May 2021

Members of 36 Immigration, part of 36 Public and Human Rights, filed their response to proposals for change to many aspects of immigration and asylum law in the United Kingdom, many threatening to undermine the United Kingdom’s compliance with international instruments for the protection of refugees and human rights.

The Home Office used an often vague and disingenuous consultation paper, with poor and incomplete evidence, to propose serious changes to the law of refugee protection, nationality, and immigration in the United Kingdom. The consultation was marred on its face by significant errors, including for example the making of broad, contentious, or incorrect statements as the background for proposed changes, absence of detail as to proposed means of acting in relation to extremely broad purposes, and repeated leading questions.  

Members of the team, including leading experts on matters raised by the consultation, also support the separate responses on behalf of the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association, Public Law Project, and Liberty.  But they believe the seriousness of the issues raised by the Home Office paper- in particular its threat to United Kingdom compliance with international law and to the humanitarian values reflected in refugee and human rights law- is such as to require a separate substantive response.  

It can be read here.