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36 Stone announce Paul Martenstyn as new Director of Clerking

4th June 2020

36 Stone are pleased to announce the impending arrival of Paul Martenstyn as their new Director of Clerking.

Paul Martenstyn, a Managing Director at legal finance firm Vannin Capital, will be joining 36 Stone from 1 July 2020 as its Director of Clerking as part of a legal management consultancy engagement between the 36 Group and Overture London.

Paul boasts over twenty years’ experience at the Bar with leading commercial set Fountain Court. He will take on the role of Director of Clerking at 36 Stone, while retaining a role as Chief Commercial Officer at Overture London,

This is a revolutionary approach for the Bar, bringing to 36 Stone not only Paul’s experience but also Overture London’s portfolio of legal management consultancy services. 

Paul comments: “It is with great sadness I leave Vannin Capital after a wonderful 20 months as a Managing Director. The skills I have learned in the investment world will not be lost, but I also now get to fully commit to a new project at the Bar. I am really excited to be leading the 36 Stone charge, I was encouraged by their ambition and I know my track record will provide them with commercial value in the months ahead. The fact they have embraced this new unique vehicle to get me back to the Bar was encouraging to say the least, and I cannot wait to get started with Members and existing clerks.”


Charles Debattista (Head of 36 Stone) comments: “We are excited by Paul’s arrival as Director of Clerking with the Stone Team.  While work diaires have remained extremely busy despite these strange times, our need for senior strategic leadership in the development of our business across 36 Stone will, I know, be amply filled by Paul’s expertise, experience and connections.  We welcome Paul and look forward to working with him in this next stage of 36 Stone’s development.”


Vasanti Selvaratnam QC (Joint Head of The 36 Group) comments: “We are sure that the arrival of Paul Martenstyn will be beneficial, not only to 36 Stone, but to the entirety of The 36 Group. We are  proud to be in the vanguard of what is for the Bar a completely innovative and forward-looking method of delivering critical practice management and business strategy services.  We look forward to Paul joining us in July and to working with Overture London.”


Formerly Stone Chambers, 36 Stone is a leading set of commercial barristers, specializing in shipping, international trade and international arbitration.  The Team, a part of the leading set the 36 Group since 2016, is based in both London and Singapore and offers an outstanding advocacy and advisory service in commercial courts and tribunals, also boasting a number of highly-regarded arbitrators.