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BBC News report

7th January 2020

'Serious cyber-attack' on Austria's foreign ministry

Austria's foreign ministry has been targeted by a cyber-attack that is suspected to have been conducted by another country. - The ministry said the seriousness of the attack suggested it might have been carried out by a "state actor".

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Dean Armstrong QC – Head of Cyber at 36 Commercial comments:

“Whilst it is not possible to suggest that a cyber attack on a western looking government is a direct response to the US drone strike on senior Iranian military, what is significant is that cyber attacks are now seen as an effective form of warfare.

It is widely recognised by us as cyber experts that one of the anticipated revenge strikes will involve action against state infrastructure and corporate partners through cyber avenues.

We at 36 Commercial commend governments and corporates alike to take appropriate advice in order to be able to say to stakeholders, shareholders and others to whom they owe duties, that all that can be done has been done To those corporates regulated by SMCR the spectre of personal liability means the stakes for individual senior managers have never been higher''

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