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20th September 2018

Leading barristers from The 36 Group are showcasing the chambers’ expertise in international arbitration in the Asia Pacific region.

Dr Colin Ong QC and Mary Thomson, members of 36 Stone, the chambers’ specialist shipping, international trade, and International Arbitration group, will both be speaking at the 2018 Hong Kong Summit on Commercial Dispute Resolution in China on Saturday 27 October 2018. 

The event, organised by the Beijing International Arbitration Centre, brings together leading experts from across China and the Asia Pacific region to discuss the latest developments in commercial dispute resolution in China.

Mary Thomson will be giving an opening speech in her role as Chairperson of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, East Asia Branch.

Dr Colin Ong QC will be moderating a session on Forfeiture Clause in JOAs – From an International Arbitration Perspective.

Mary Thomson is on the organizing committee and also speaking on conflicts of interest and ethics in arbitration during the first CIETAC Global Arbitrators Conference on Tuesday 18 September as part of Beijing Arbitration Week.

At the same Beijing Arbitration Week, Mary Thomson is also speaking at the inauguration of the China Forum for Financial and Investment Disputes on 19 September 2018.  Her topic will be on arbitrating insurance disputes and introducing ARIAS Asia, of which she is chair.

Further underscoring the Chambers’ expertise in international arbitration, Dr Colin Ong QC has contributed the updated chapter to the Global Legal Group International Comparative Legal Guide to International Arbitration 2018. In his chapter, he has provided an updated overview of recent developments in international arbitration in the Asia Pacific region. The article can be accessed here.  

Colin Ong has also delivered a talk to the Sabah Law Society on the 15 September 2018 entitled "Artificial Intelligence in Litigation and Arbitration". 

Colin Ong shall also be speaking at the 8th Annual GAR Live Hong Kong conference, to be held on 1 November 2018 at the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre. He shall speak on the topic "Negotiating power: balance, mismatch and being caught in the crossfire". This topic deals with China’s Belt and Road Initiative and how to deal with contracts that have been negotiated amid an imbalance of power.

To download the International Comparative Legal Guide to International Arbitration 2018, please Click Here

For further information, as to the above, or 36 Stone please do not hesitate to contact Luke Irons – Senior Clerk for 36 Stone. (Singapore

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