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James Keeley Successfully Prosecutes Man Who Forced Romanian Woman To Work As A Sex Slave

2nd August 2017

James Keeley prosecuted Giani-Ilie Niculae who brought a twenty one year old complainant from his homeland, Romania, to the United Kingdom. She hoped that she would have a better life in this country. However, the reality was that she was to become a prostitute being sold online, being forced to give sexual services to scores of men whilst being managed by the Defendant with the money going to him.

The complainant fell pregnant. The Defendant demanded that she get an abortion and organised for this to occur in Romania.

Virtually straight away from getting back to the United Kingdom the victim was working as a prostitute. The Defendant was both physically and psychologically violent to her.

Several months on the complainant fell pregnant with the Defendant’s child once again. A community midwife helped the complainant escape the life that she had been forced into.

The Defendant pleaded guilty to controlling a prostitute for gain and was sentenced to four years imprisonment.

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