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Kevin Barry Prosecutes sentence in huge Halal meat fraud

20th April 2017

Guilty pair sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. On 19.04.17 Kevin Barry prosecuted the sentence after trial of the ‘turkey for lamb’ food fraudsters in LCC v Rohman and Rahman, believed to be the largest ever food substitution case ever brought in the UK. The defendants imported and sold over 100,000 kgs of non-Halal certified turkey as Halal certified lamb meat. One victim described that he considered that the Defendants had “betrayed all Muslims” by their fraudulent behaviour. They were described by the sentencing judge HHJ Tregilgas-Davey as having been motivated by greed and avarice in this fraud which “has impacted upon victims financially, culturally and religiously”. He found that the pretence that the meat had been Halal certified was a particularly aggravating factor. 

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