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Death of 5-year-old Charlie Dunn at Bosworth Water Park

6th December 2017

Mary Prior QC and Caroline Bray, working with the East Midlands Complex Crime Unit, successfully prosecute Paul Smith and Lynsey Dunne for the death of 5-year-old Charlie Dunn at Bosworth Water Park.


Mrs Prior said when opening the case ‘We don’t prosecute parents for unavoidable tragedies nor do we expect perfection in parenting” she went on to say ‘This case is not about parents turning their back for a minute whilst a tragedy occurs.”

‘This is a gross failure to supervise not for seconds, and not for a few minutes, but for protracted periods of time in circumstances where the child was exposed to danger.’

Charlie had been ‘left alone in a busy park at five-years-old in circumstances where there was a clear and obvious risk that he might come to very serious harm’

Paul Smith changed his plea part way through the trial at Birmingham Crown Court having previously denied any wrong doing. Lyndsey Dunne admitted to multiple charges of neglect

Sentencing will take place on 20th December

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