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Multi-Specialist Groups

Public Law, Human Rights & Judicial Review

Public and administrative law is concerned with legal challenges by way of statutory appeal or judicial review of decisions made by public bodies (which includes a court or tribunal, local authorities, government ministers or any person certain of whose functions are functions of a public nature).

As such, challenges may arise in any legal or factual setting where a public body makes a decision that affects the rights or duties, privileges or immunities, powers or liabilities of individuals (who may be natural or corporate).

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Going to court to resolve a dispute should be a last resort. Most people find it cheaper, and less stressful to resolve their problems away from a court. Members of 36 ADR are able to assist the parties to a dispute find a resolution outside of court proceedings, by means of what is called Alternative Dispute Resolution (‘ADR’).

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International law issues affecting individuals, businesses, or communities and states are extremely diverse.

Here at 36 international we are able to provide specialist barristers who can advise and represent clients on cases as different as complex international commercial disputes and transnational family finance and children related cases, as well as on crimes against humanity before International Criminal Tribunals and on cases relating to Art and cultural heritage law.

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