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Homicide, corporate manslaughter & Grave Offences

36 Crime has a long tradition of its barristers defending and prosecuting in homicide cases including murder, manslaughter, corporate manslaughter & fatal road traffic accidents. Our specialists are highly regarded, with enviable strength in depth. We are often instructed on both sides and regularly called upon to provide a leading and junior team by those who instruct us.

We recognise that every case is unique but all require effective pre-trial preparation as well as persuasive jury advocacy combined with highly refined cross examination skills

Past cases have included;

  • Gangland executions
  • Multi-handed murders
  • Baby shaking murders
  • Infanticide
  • Familial homicides
  • Sexually motivated murders
  • Gross negligence manslaughters
  • Corporate manslaughters
  • Multi-handed cut-throat defences
  • Young and/or vulnerable defendants and victims
  • Anonymous witnesses
  • Complex scientific evidence relating to causation or disputed medical opinion
  • Honour killings
  • Gang related murders
  • Drug related murders
  • Race related murders
  • Terror related offences

We have a strong presence in London and the South East, and are particularly well established in the Midland however we accept instructions in any area our skills and expertise are needed

Notable Cases

  • R v Dodd & others (2018 Northampton) – John Lloyd-Jones QC & Nicola Moore

Murder - 7 young Defendants prosecuted for their involvement in the fatal stabbing (revenge) of another youth during a street fight. After the attack, some Defendants disposed of weapons and clothing; another tried to improperly influence witnesses (Perverting the Course of Justice). Many Prosecution eyewitnesses were young and vulnerable and were friends of the Defendants, the Deceased or both.

  •  R v Ashwin Daudia Leicester Crown Court 2018 – William Harbage QC for prosecution, Mary Prior QC for defence 

Husband accused of murdering  his wife by strangulation. After the death the wife was placed in a suitcase and abandoned in a nearby street. Defence of loss of control. Complex psychiatric and psychological issues. Case involves loved cross-examination of their two sons and forensic analysis of CCTV.

  •  R v Lynsey Dunn and Paul Smith Birmingham Crown Court 2018 – Mary Prior QC for Prosecution

Prosecution of mother and step father of five year old boy who drowned unsupervised at Market Bosworth water park. Vast quantities of witness statements, photographs and CCTV. Many of the children present were witnesses. Both mother and father had educational difficulties. Obligation to make complex law and facts simple so that all could understand. Step-father convicted of gross negligence manslaughter, mother of cruelty.

  •  R v CARR and 4 others (2018) Mary Loram QC and Caroline Bray for Prosecution, Paul Prior and Kathryn Hovington for the defence.

Prosecution of Carr for the shooting of deceased in a drug-related dispute and the 4 others defendants for their various roles in the offence Case involved substantial amount of legal argument and a variety of complexities including witnesses avoiding the court, hearsay applications, hostile witnesses, character and significant evidence being discovered during the trial, amongst other issues.

  •  R v MARC & SARAH FINNIE (2018) William Harbage QC for Sarah  and Mary Loram QC for Marc

Defence of couple accused of murder of deceased, who had been verbally abusing the wife

  •  R –v- Patel: Christopher Donnellan QC defending

Crown Court at Leicester  - Health and Safety/ Gross negligence manslaughter. Defence of man working on building site, charged with offences relating to death of window fitter falling from height

  •  Keogh (2018) Mary Prior QC prosecuting

Murder & multiple rape of 72 years old woman in her own bed by 26 year old burglar

  •  DB: 2017 Kate Brunner QC defending

Defence of man charged with murdering neighbour by blocking gas flue, plea to manslaughter accepted, Court of Appeal upheld sentence after Attorney-General's reference - click here to read;

  •  CN: 2016 Kate Brunner QC defending

Secured  acquittal for a young nurse accused of gross negligence manslaughter in a case involving complex medical evidence and experts from four different disciplines - click here to read;

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