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The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a global public health crisis.  While governments around the world act quickly to save lives and preserve jobs, the one thing we know is that the full impact of this pandemic has yet to be felt and understood. 

36 Commercial has set up a dedicated portal to help its clients protect themselves and their businesses through the next few weeks so that they can best position themselves to help rejuvenate the global economy quickly once the worst is over.

This portal is designed to help 36 Commercial’s clients, their businesses and their employees to survive and protect themselves as the entire planet navigates its way along the curve of this terrible pandemic. These pages will be constantly updated by members of the group in response to the rapidly-changing contours of the legal, political and economic landscape.


Daily Updates

Daily summary of the latest developments in the last 24 hours that are likely to have a critical impact on your decision-making processes.

First Responses

Focussed, practical guidance on steps you can take now to help protect your business, employees, customers and stakeholders immediately.

Specialist Insights

Detailed insights from members of 36 Commercial on the likely longer-term implications of COVID-19 across our specialist sectors, and a discussion of the issues you should be thinking about now in order to prepare the best strategies for your business in the future.

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