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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The 36 Group is a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility. We are fortunate to work with some of the most socially and environmentally conscious clients in our industry. Our members and staff are focused on making chambers a welcoming environment for all who wish to be part of a high calibre team of exceptionally talented Counsel, Clerking team and administrators.

We are a particularly diverse legal team, properly reflecting the society in which we live, who work tirelessly to promote social responsibility, equality and diversity.
We have a great tradition of educating and promoting our staff from within, whatever their age, gender or social background so as to retain great talent. Our Chief Operating Officer, Rowan Calfull was appointed aged 30 and is one of the youngest COO's in the country. Michelle Simpson is Criminal Practice Manager and succesfully runs our criminal team. Everton Weddderburn has been with us for over 20 years and is the Senior Clerk for 36 Public. 

Paul Martenstyn, Head Clerk for 36 Stone is a member of the Advisory Board of the Abantu Impact Foundation, an African-led, Africa-focused social impact enterprise that exists to reduce poverty in sub-Saharan Africa by investing in small and medium-sized enterprises to help them become engines of economic development in the region. The Foundation aims within the next ten years to manage a USD50 million social impact fund that will provide accessible loans to no fewer than 200 African SMEs with a view to creating 100,000 jobs in the most vulnerable areas of the continent.
He is a Member of the African Advisory Board of Save the Children, Paul was pivotal in raising £11.85 million which helped save countless children’s lives in Africa.

We welcome applications for tenancy, pupillage, mini pupillage and work experience from all all, regardless of their start in life. Our interest is in high academic achievement and human decency and integrity. Our highly successful Counsel come from all backgrounds and walks of life. What binds us together is ability and a way of working which is inclusive, equal and enabling. The 36 team welcome high calibre Counsel who are BAME, have a disability, of any gender, any faith, any sexuality and any background to join us. 

We have a busy outreach programme. We run an advocacy competition for all final year degree students who are considering a career at the Bar. The four finalists are given a mini pupillage. We work closely with other organisations to ensure that at least 50% of our mini pupils come from BAME and/or socially deprived backgrounds. 

We are commencing a virtual schools outreach programme where our members and staff speak to inner city school children about careers in Chambers, as a barrister or as a member of staff.

We are committed to paying all our staff and contractors who we use the London Living Wage.



Our members and staff are committed to social mobility and here are some examples of the work that we do:



Women in Criminal Law Committee members

Women in Criminal Law Midlands – Co Chair and members

Women in Family Law Chair and members

Chair Midland Circuit Social Mobility Programme



Association of Women Lawyers

Exeter University

Bristol University

Greenwich University

Visiting Professional Fellow -Aston University

Women in Family law

Bridging the Bar

Leeds University

Queer Lawyers of Tomorrow



Amicus including training new volunteers



The London HIV Chaplaincy

South London Liberal Synagogue

Suzy Lamplugh Trust

Biplolar UK

Athlete World Class Programme 2020.



Judging moots at

Queen Mary University

Greenwich Unicersity



Queen Mary University Law Clinic

Miscarriages of Justice Project at the University of Leicestershire

Chancery Litigants in Person Group




Leicestershire Schools Mock Trial Competition

National Centre for Citizenship and the Law.




The 36 Group commit themselves to supporting a nominated charity or charities each year. The nominated charities for 2020/2021 are as follows:


Coram Group Charities

Coram is the UK's first dedicated children's charity with a fascinating heritage that spans more than 275 years.

They were established by Thomas Coram as the Foundling Hospital, London’s first home for babies whose mothers were unable to care for them.

The charity evolved to begin pioneering work in adoption, early years and parenting from our original London site. The Thomas Coram Foundation for Children, today known as Coram, developed new approaches to childcare and education, informed by developments in child psychiatry which highlighted the importance of children’s emotional wellbeing and need for secure family placement.

Over the centuries, more than 25,000 children's lives were saved. Today, as the children’s charity Coram, they continue Thomas Coram’s legacy by creating better chances for thousands of children across the UK. 


Against Malaria Foundation

We protect people from malaria. We fund nets and ensure they are distributed and used. We show you where the nets go. We monitor and report their use and impact. 




The wellbeing of our staff and members is extremely important and we take the responsibility very seriously. We have appointed a wellbeing officer, who sits on the Executive Board and works alongside the Chief Operating Officer to ensure day to day implementation of Chambers’ wellbeing policy.

A number of our senior managers are trained as Mental Health first aiders.




We ensure that we work in away which causes as little destruction to our planet as we can. All of the products that we use are vetted to ensure that we recycle as much as we can.  We limit the use of paper, plastics and aerosol sprays by all of our staff, members and contractors.