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Commercial Crime

The 36 Commercial Crime team draws on its members’ combined experience to provide clients with integrated strategic advice and representation at the intersection between domestic and international civil, criminal and regulatory law. This ‘one stop’ capacity offers a readily accessible dispute resolution and advisory service for clients that require urgent assistance in matters that potentially involve all these areas and require cross disciplinary expertise and advice.

Firmly based in its civil financial and commercial excellence, the 36 Commercial Crime team uniquely combines this with counsel, who, in addition to appearing in the High Court, also have a wealth of criminal courtroom advocacy and investigation experience across fraud, financial and market regulation, tax disputes, insolvency, directors and Senior Managers duties, cyber fraud, bribery and corruption, sanctions, asset recovery and proceeds of crime.

We also specialise in advising on the disputes and investigations that precede such multi-disciplinary cases to avoid regulatory action. We have expertise in the interlocutory stages such as freezing orders, search warrants, production orders and negotiating with regulators to achieve outcomes such as civil penalties and Deferred Prosecution Agreements. Our capacity to assist our clients is enhanced by counsels’ experience of acting for the prosecuting and regulatory agencies that prosecute and investigate such matters.

A particular strength is the team’s international expertise and experience, having worked on numerous foreign and multi-jurisdictional civil, criminal and regulatory cases, including Mutual Legal Assistance.

Members have been involved in some of the highest profile financial and regulatory investigations and cases over the past two decades, including BCCI, Celtic Mining, Bae Systems, Food for Oil, Innospec, Forex, Libor, Tchenguiz, Dankse Bank and 1MDB. They have also been instructed in matters such as News of the World, MPs Expenses, Cash for Honours and the Leveson inquiries.