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Advocacy Competition

The 36 Group Advocacy Competition 2020

The 36 Group is delighted to announce our inaugural advocacy competition.  In these difficult times when mini pupillage opportunities are sparse, we would like to offer as many aspiring barristers as possible the opportunity to make a connection with chambers and impress us with their advocacy skills. The four finalists of the advocacy competition will each be offered a mini pupillage during 2021. All competitors who make it through to Round 2 will be offered written feedback from one of our barristers. The competition will take place entirely remotely, and the only qualifying criteria for entry are that competitors must be based in the UK and have reached the requisite educational stage. In this way we hope to make the competition as accessible as possible and to give all talented advocates an opportunity to shine.

Rounds 1 and 2 and the semi-final will be conducted via pre-recorded videos, and the final will be an advocacy exercise held live over zoom.


You are eligible to enter the competition if you are based in the UK and are;

o   In the final year of your undergraduate law degree, or;

o   Have graduated in law, or;

o   On or have completed the GDL, or;

o   On or have completed the BPTC but not yet been offered pupillage.

How to Enter

Click Here to download the Entry Form

Click Here to download the exercise for both rounds 1 and 2.

Click Here to download the Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form. 

The competition opened on 16th October 2020. The exercise which will be used for both rounds 1 and 2 is available to download above, along with an entry form and a diversity monitoring form. To enter you will need to film a 3-minute clip of yourself completing the exercise and send it to along with a completed entry form and diversity monitoring form before 4pm on 30th October 2020. Once your entry is received it will be given an identification number. Your entry form and diversity monitoring form will not be sent on to the judges.


All four finalists will be offered a mini pupillage in 2021. The winners will also receive a £50 book voucher.


16th October 2020 Competition opens for entries.
30th October 2020 (4pm) Round 1 entries close.
10th November 2020

Competitors will be informed whether or not they have been successful in progressing to the second round.


For those who do progress to the second round there is no need to complete a separate exercise, the first round video clip will be used again but it will be assessed by a bigger panel of judges.

17th November 2020

Round 2 competitors will be provided with written feedback and informed if they have advanced to the semi-final.

All those who have advanced to the semi-final will be sent the new exercise and be required to send a 5 minute video clip of themselves completing the exercise to by 24th November.

24th November 2020 (4pm) Deadline by which semi-final entries must be received.
1st December 2020

All semi-final competitors will be e-mailed feedback and advised whether they have advanced to the final.

Finalists will be provided with the exercise and e-introduced to their partner for the final.

9th December 2020 The final – live on zoom.